7 Conjunctivitis Home Remedies & Pink Eye Natural Treatments


Treating Conjunctivitis at Home

Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is a common eye infection that usually affects children. Basically, the eye becomes red because the tissue lining the inside of the eye becomes infected. This infection can happen for a number of reasons like bacteria, air pollution, and harmful chemicals.

You will know you have conjunctivitis if you have the following symptoms:

  • The whites of the eyes become red.
  • Yellow, crusty discharge on the eyelashes.
  • Continuous itching and burning.
  • Sensitive to light.

Now that you know what conjunctivitis is and the symptoms, try some of the home remedies below. Also, remember that pink eye is very contagious and these remedies will make it no less contagious. These remedies are designed to speed up the healing process and reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Chamomile Flowers Reduce Severity of Pink Eye

7 Conjunctivitis Home Remedies & Pink Eye Natural Treatments

There are ways to treat pink eye without going to doctor. Check out these six home remedies to alleviate symptoms and one trick to prevent pink eye for good.


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