How to Make Clear Mascara: Natural Organic Mascara Recipe


DIY Mascara RecipeMake Your Own Mascara Ingredients:

– Castor Oil This is my fave castor oil!
– Container (an empty medicine bottle works well)
– Mascara Brush (like the kind you get at Sephora)

How to Make Mascara:

Castor oil makes the best natural mascara. It leaves your eyelashes shiny and healthy while moisturizing your lashes and eyebrows. This is SO much better for you than commercial mascaras!

1. Clean the container and mascara brush with a gently detergent, rinse well, and dry thoroughly.
2. Pour castor oil into the container.
3. Apply the mascara to your eyelashes and eyebrows.


  1. says

    I make and sell beauty products like mascara and lip products, and my recipe for Mascara is bees wax, olive oil and charcoal capsules. Melt the wax in a small pot, then add the oil and charcoal ( open the capsule over the wax and oil and mix) then let it cool to see if its the correct consistency then if it is, melt it again and pour into mascara bottle. Here is a link for empty mascara bottles!

    • Annie says

      How do you make navy blue or brown mascara? I can’t use black, because I’m a red head and it doesn’t look normal on me.

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