Puffy Under-Eye Bag Remedy & Eye Brightener Remedy


Under-Eye Bags RemedyUnder-Eye Bag Remedy Ingredients:

– Cucumbers (Chilled in the fridge work best!)


– Used Tea Bag

Under-Eye Bag Home Remedy Instructions:

After a long day at work or school, this is a wonderful way to kick up your feet and relax! If you have red eyes, then cool cucumber slices are the perfect home remedy for you… and if your eyes are puffy in addition to being red, then tea bags are your cure. Both cucumbers and tea bags have anti-inflammatory properties, which work wonders to rejuvenate your eyes. The caffeine in tea also helps to shrink blood vessels. So here is my advice… relax and cozy up with a friend or loved one over two warm cups of chamomile tea, let the tea bags cool down a bit, and then re-purpose the tea bags by placing them over your eyelids as you soak in a warm bubble bath!



  1. suze says

    There’s no caffeine in chamomile tea. However, the ‘relax’ you get from chamomile teabags may surpass that from redrose..

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