Raccoon Eye Eraser: Under Eye Bags Remedy with Potatoes


Potato Under Eye Bag Home RemedyUnder Eye Bags Remedy Ingredients:

– Potato
– Cheesecloth or Gauze

Dark Eye Circles Remedy Instructions:

Potatoes are packed with a fabulous enzyme called catecholase, which is used by many high-end cosmetic companies to lighten skin and remove dark under eye circles. Why pay the hefty price tag when this simple home remedy will lighten up those dark under eye circles with the same enzyme… no more raccoon eyes for you!

1. Grate the potato (either by hand or in a food processor).
2. Place the shredded potato into cheesecloth or gauze to form a compress.
3. Place the compress over your eyes for 15-25 minutes.
4. Wash your eye area and apply an eye cream!


  1. Sara says

    I’ve had dark eye circles for YEARS now, and even when I get enough sleep or use eye creams they still don’t go away, so I really hope this works!

  2. Frances says

    I hate my dark circles I find myself beautiful but the only thing that makes me feel not so pretty are my dark circles. HELP!!!!

  3. Laura says

    I’m sure this is a silly question, but do you think it would still work if you used instant potatoes? They’re still potatoes, just grated and dehydrated. I was just curious if you were to make a paste with the instant potatoes (just a little thicker/dryer than you would make to eat) if this remedy would still help. I’m sure it won’t work as well, but even if it only works half as well, I’d be happy. What do you think? Maybe I’ll just go ahead and try it and let you all know what I find out..

    • Healthy Tip man says

      I think this is worth a try and I’m going to use organic potato’s as I believe the contents of each potato may produce more effective results as they have not come into contact with man made chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
      Please take this tip on board tho that the dark circles are closely related to kidney maintenance of your body. If you don’t eat, drink and cook healthy your kidneys cant preform as well. Its like running your car engine with dirty oil or washing your clothes in a bucket of muddy water, the results wont be the same.
      Poached organic eggs a really good food to start with as they help repair kidneys. This is the tip of the ice berg and you have not to over cook foods and kill all the goodness like using microwaves. I started off reading “The worlds healthiest foods” after suffering a horrible head injury and that book has made a big difference with how healthy and great I feel now, with the addition of exercise. I researched all the best foods, how to cook and store them and what they did and then made all of my own favourite recipes out of this info. Anyways I cant keep typing any more but I hope this helps you Mr or Mrs reader =8-) .. oh by the way the author of that book was – George Mateljan – Take it easy and look after yourself x

  4. Jean says

    My eyes look awesome and dazzling and have little double eye lids (creases) at night but in the morning they look terrible, squashed, puffy, no double eyelid and small!!!!!!!!! What should I do to stop this?? I have tried the cold spoon method, cucumber, ice cube and cold water but it just doesn’t work!!! I never rub my eyes and I am Asian. Please give me some tips to stop this!!!!

  5. cheryl says

    Oh yeah! This really works! Strawberries (or Strawberry Jam) works as well. Try them both with some coffee ( a dieretic ) in the morning, and I think you will he pleased!! No more puffy eyes!!

  6. Callie says

    Did you try the potato one? Try putting ice on them before bed and after you wake up.
    Let me know how it works.

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