Dr Oz: $5 Facial: Egg White & Carrot Juice Face Mask Recipe


Dr Oz did an entire show called $5 Friday to give everyone tons of tips for how to improve our lives for just $5.  Dr Oz was joined by Holly Carter, People StyleWatch’s Beauty Director, to talk about how to spend $5 to Look 5 Years Younger!  One of the things that Doctor Oz and Holly Carter mentioned was a wonderful $5 Facial that is anti-aging and great for tightening skin.  The egg whites in the face mask contain something called prolene which helps to build collagen in your skin.  Plus, the carrot juice is packed with beta carotene which acts like a retinol and has super anti-aging properties.  This is exactly why Natural Remedies are the way to go – forget those $100+ beauty product gimmicks!

5-dollar-facial-Dr Oz: $5 Friday Facial Recipe



  1. Sandy says


    When I put this on my face it works right away and tightens the skin. After I wash it off ot goes back to normal but I am looking forward to seeing if over time my face will tighten.
    I do have a question……..can I put the left over in the fridge and use it the next day? Will it lose it’s affectiveness?

    • successgal07 says

      hi, to make carrot juice, just put the carrot in the blender and extract the juice from it. And a TB is abbreviation for Tablespoon.

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