Lipstick Stain Removal Home Remedies: Hairspray vs Alcohol vs Ammonia


How To Remove Tough Stains

Lipstick can be a fickle mistress. You shop around for the perfect shade to compliment your face, outfit, occasion, and then you enjoy it. But then you drink, kiss, wipe, what have you. The stain is everywhere—unless you are one of those savvy ladies that buys the Beyonce-I’m-Never-Going-Away lipstick.

For those of us that just don’t care enough to get the expensive lipsticks, we have to battle the lipstain on our partner’s shirt collars or in our own purses. The worst is when you send a tube through the dryer. Like a crayon on the dashboard on a hot summer day, the red, pink, purple hues are everywhere. You might have well just put a red sock in with your whites.

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