Naomi Campbell Model Behavior: Green Juice, Pilates & Moisturizer


Naomi said she begins her day with Warm Water and Lime Juice, first thing. You can also try this with fresh Lemon Juice in the morning.

“You should never drink ice cold water ever,” Campbell said. “I only drink room temperature. It’s a bit shocking on the system.”

Today Show: Breakfast Green Juice

Her best suggestion for breakfast is a freshly made Green Juice, “to keep your colon clean.” She uses cucumbers, celery, and kale as go-to greens for her juicing breakfast.

Today Show: Naomi Campbell Yoga + Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are Campbell’s recommendations for exercise classes. She said she dismissed yoga as a fad for years, until she spent one month in India studying the mind-body-soul practice. Stretches can incorporate strength training; it “elongates you and keeps you toned.”

Today Show: Everything in Moderation

What is her approach to diet? Eat everything in moderation. However, she has some of her own exceptions, such as not eating chicken.

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