Wake-Up Call Coffee Scrub: DIY Cellulite Busting Coffee Scrub Remedy


Coffee Cellulite Home RemedyGet Rid of Cellulite Coffee Scrub Remedy Ingredients:

– 3 TB Honey
– 1/4 cup Brown Sugar
– 1/4 cup Coffee Grounds
– Olive Oil

DIY Cellulite Buster, Coffee Scrub Home Remedy Instructions:

Caffeine is all the rage in beauty products right now. Bliss has a whole line of body creams and exfoliators with caffeine, because it is supposed to help fat and cellulite melt away. There is even a Slimming Belt that is supposed to help you lose inches just by wearing it, because it is enriched with caffeine. But what I have for you is a scrub with caffeine naturally in it from coffee… it is great for exfoliating, and who knows, you might scrub away a few pounds too!

1. Keep your coffee grounds after brewing your coffee.
2. Mix the coffee grounds with the brown sugar and honey.
3. Slowly add olive oil until you get a nice paste consistency.
4. Rub in a circular motion all over your skin (in the shower, to avoid a big mess).
5. Rinse off in the shower.


  1. yeayo97 says

    I am a huge coffee fanatic. I love the smell and taste of it. So this is definitely a beauty tip I am excited about trying. Ill let you guys know what I think. Thank you.

  2. Yeayo97 says

    I used this but made a few adjustments. I used molassis instead of honey because I that’s all I had at home. I also added about 6 drops of pure peppermint oil for that soothing feeling. It is a bit messy so make sure u use it in a shower. I love it and have made some for 2 of my cousins and they too love it. Thanks for the recipes!

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