Classic Beer Hair Rinse: Hair Home Remedy


Beer Hair RemedyBeer Hair Rinse Ingredients:

– Beer (a can of flat, warm beer works the best… and avoid light beer, the higher the yeast content, the better!)
– Few drops of Jojoba Oil (The Best Jojoba Oil for $3)

Hair Home Remedy Instructions:

Remember hearing your grandma talk about using beer as a rinse for her hair? Well there is good reason for that! Beer is very rich with vitamin B, which in combination with its high sugar makes for amazingly shiny and full hair. The yeast pumps up the hair’s cuticle and shaft, which is what creates the super voluminous hair! It also works wonders at removing the build-up from all of those hair products you use because of the acidic quality of beer.

1. Mix together two ingredients.
2. After you shampoo your hair, apply this rinse and distribute evenly throughout your hair.
3. Rinse with warm water.


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