Deep Penetration Hair Conditioner Remedy: Natural Home Remedies


Natural Hair Conditioner RecipeDeep Penetration Hair Conditioner Remedy Ingredients:

- 1 Cup Mayonnaise

DIY Natural Hair Home Remedy Instructions:

Sound erotic? This promises an orgasmic experience… for your hair ;) … Looking for soft, shiny, strong hair with no split ends, then look no further!

1. Throw a couple of towels into the dryer.
2. Evenly distribute the cup of mayonnaise throughout your hair (paying special attention to dry ends).
3. Put your hair on top of your head and wrap it up in plastic wrap.
4. Take a towel out of the dryer and wrap your plastic covered hair in the warm goodness.
5. After around 10 minutes (or when the towel is no longer warm), remove the towel and replace it with a warm one from the dryer.
6. After around 10 more minutes, remove the towel and plastic wrap.
7. Wash your hair with shampoo (to remove the mayonnaise) and condition it as normal.
8. Feel free to repeat as often as necessary (I do it once a week!)

Pantry Spa Tip:
Many commercial “cholesterol hair conditions” have alcohol in them… and we all know that alcohol is drying! This is why Pantry Spa recipes are the best… we can control what ingredients we use! Also, if you find that your hair is too oily, you can do this treatment by only applying the mayonnaise to the ends of your hair.



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