Dr Oz Club Soda Hair Rinse: Frizzy Hair Remedy from Dominican Republic


Dr Oz did a fabulous segment today on Anti-Aging Remedies from around the world.  Doctor Oz was joined by Shalini Vadhera, author of Passport to Beauty: Secrets and Tips from Around the World for Becoming a Global Goddess, who spoke about all kinds of Natural Remedies from China, Italy, Japan, and the Dominican Republic.  I have the most frizzy (and sometimes unmanageable hair), and this Frizzy Hair Remedy has come in quite handy – especially during the humid months when my hair is a frizz ball!  Even if you do not have frizzy hair, though, this Club Soda Hair Rinse is a great idea because the salty mixture found in club soda helps to get rid of leftover residue from conditioners and other hair products.  Here is a list of all of the Dr Oz Home Remedies from this segment of the Dr Oz Show:

Dr Oz Club Soda Hair RemedyDr Oz Club Soda Frizzy Hair Remedy



  1. Julez says

    I was just wondering if the club soda has to be rinsed out or if it needs to be left in? Can someone please help me. Thanks

    • admin says

      On the Dr Oz Show they said that the club soda is a final rinse… So I do not think you should rinse it out afterward.

  2. Amber says

    I was wondering if it washed hair color out? I wanted to try it but I dye my hair and don’t want it to strip it???

    • admin says

      Good question Amber! I am not sure because Dr Oz did not say anything one way or the other regarding using club soda on dyed hair. If you test it out on your dyed hair, please report back and let everyone know how it worked for you! One idea would be to do a small test on a small section of your hair, just in case the club soda does do something to the dye in your hair.

    • Benrein says

      I do not think there will be any sticky residue, being it is just pure water with carbonation. There isn’t any sugar, syrup or any other type of sweetener in the product.

  3. MonaLisa65 says

    FWIW: If your area has hard water (has a lot of dissolved minerals, like calcium & magnesium, in it) club soda WILL break up the built up minerals on your hair, and some of that will drip off with the club soda, leaving it less ‘mineralized’ than your tap water would. Some, though, will be loosened but still be left on the hair. If you REALLY want all the minerals off, follow the club soda rinse with distilled water (which has NO minerals in it) to leave your hair purely clean.

    Club soda rinsing hasn’t effected my hair dye at all.

  4. Bronwyn says

    Hi, so i missed that episode but i can’t find it on his website…i was wondering if someone had the link to the video…i would greatly appreciate it! thanks!

  5. Rochelle hatch says

    Hmm, club soda is the one without sugar in it, right? Just fizzy water? If so, then no need to rinse out.
    Eek, I’d worry about stripping color, too.

  6. says

    I would like to know when you put club soda on you hair. After you wash it doyou leave it on until the next wash. Us just club soda , low club soda Thanks Bunny

  7. Dee says

    I did rinse with the club soda and it did not affect my hair color (I also color enhance my hair). I did rinse the club soda out. Maybe I should not have done that. Next time I will leave it in and report back.

  8. says

    About the club soda rinse I was also wondering about using on hair that has been colored or dyed. Will it strip your color, and also will you have to color more often? Thanks.

  9. Annie says

    I used club soda when I washed my hair last time.I used it as final rinse as Dr. OZ said. I saw a difference immediately and my hair looked so nice and silky. I couldn’t stop myself to touching my hair again & again. But I did not see anything like anti-freeze. My hair looked same as were before after they dried.May be I have to keep rinsing with it or may be it was not enough for my long hair (I used 1 ltr bottle). I don’t know anyone has tried yet or not.If anybody did then please tell me the results. I gess I will try again tomorrow by rinsing again if I see any more difference.

  10. SazzyD says

    Club soda here in UK & Eire is an orange drink… can someone clarify what you lot in the US mean? i.e. diet coke? fizzy water? tonic water? obviously a sugar free fizzy drink, but of what kind? cheers ~ hope I can get an answer coz the last reply here was back in Feb!! loving this site, it’s the 1st one face-ache-book ever reccomended to me that I like!

    • BellaAddisa says

      Hi SazzyD,

      I am originally from the UK and now living in the USA. What they mean by club soda is the same as what we call tonic water. Tonic water is clear and has some fizz to it. But, I know if you go to Asda, look in the aisle that has bottled water, look for clear carbonated (fizzy) water. Let me know if this helps ;-))

  11. says

    I heard about this before Dr. Oz, I have long frizzy brown hair that I color every month with
    Feria’ From Lorea’l. After you shampoo and condition, rinse with water, then rinse with club soda. That’s it. It did tame the frizzies, easier to blow-dry. No sticky residue, no smell, it was just cold. My color stayed the same.( It’s the last step you do before you put your hair in a towel.)

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