Dr Oz: Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipe from Ancient Greece


Dr Oz gave a bunch of ancient home remedies on a segment called Uncovering Buried Beauty Secrets on The Doctor Oz Show.  One of them is this Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipe, which could not be simpler!  We have spoken about using olive oil in hair masks such as in Dr Oz’s South African Hair Mask and in this Hair Thickening Remedy, but the concept of using Olive Oil – the Elixir of Life – all on its own in a hair mask is a great idea for a simple hair treatment.  At the same time, you can do a nail and hand treatment by soaking your hands in a small bowl of olive oil and massage it into your nail bed.

Dr Oz Olive Oil Hair TreatmentDr Oz Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipe

– a few TB of Olive Oil

Dr Oz Olive Oil Hair Recipe Directions

1.  Massage the olive oil into your hair and distribute it well throughout your hair.

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