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Dangers of Store Bought Toothpaste

One of the things many people gripe about with today’s medicine is its focus on treatment of the disease instead of the prevention of disease. While you may believe store bought toothpaste can be a good preventative way to keep bacteria off your tooth, some of the ingredients are a bit suspicious.

Some of the ingredients in toothpaste, as well as why they may not be good products to use in toothpaste, are listed below:

  • Glycerin – Some experts have said glycerin leaves a layer of film on the teeth that may prevent remineralization of the teeth.
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate – This is a known carcinogen.
  • Saccharin – This is an artificial sweetener in toothpaste.

Tooth Powder: Safe Alternative to Toothpaste

One safe alternative to store bought toothpaste is tooth powder. This simply means using baking soda alone, or combined with a small of salt, to clean the teeth. You can also use products like calcium magnesium mineral powder.

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