Dr Oz Strawberry Teeth Whitener Remedy


Dr Oz Strawberry Tooth WhitenerDr Oz Strawberry Teeth Whitening Home Remedy Ingredients:

– Strawberries

How To Make Dr Oz’s Strawberry Teeth Whitener Remedy:


Doctor Oz said that strawberries are great for whitening teeth, because the chemicals in strawberries help to polish your teeth and remove a little bit of the enamel. Try Dr Oz’s Teeth Whitening Home Remedy:

1. Mash up a strawberry.
2. Scrub your teeth with the strawberry pulp.
3. Voila! Pearly white teeth!



  1. Lindsay says

    I watched a video online and saw that when doing the strawberry teeth whitening remedy, you were also supposed to use baking soda? can you still use baking soda, or is it better to just use the strawberry pulp?

  2. Jen says

    Above states “the chemicals in the strawberries will remove a little bit of the enamel.” Did you mean to write this or was it suppose to read “whitens the enamel?” Just curious. Because I want to do the one that is healthier for my teeth. Thank You!

  3. Mira Budd says

    Strawberries are acidic and doing what you suggest, by mashing strawberries and placing them on your teeth, over time, the acid will cause erosion of the tooth enamel which is irreversible. Any acidic foods will do this to the teeth and this is why it’s very important to rinse your mouth with water after eating acidic foods or drinking acidic drinks. When drinking acidic drinks be sure to use a straw. http://www.drelizabethdimovski.com/blog/strawberries-and-how-they-help-whiten-your-teeth

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