Dr Oz: Teeth Whitening Home Remedy: Baking Soda + Lemon Juice


Dr Oz spoke about what causes Teeth Yellowing and he gave a simple Teeth Whitening Remedy to whiten your teeth with all natural ingredients.  If you have ever tried the Crest Whitestrips, then you will know that they really do make your teeth white very quickly, but for some people with sensitive teeth it can make your teeth a bit more sensitive for a day or two.  So I wonder if Dr Oz’s Teeth Whitening Home Remedy will do the same thing.  I would suggest applying it to your teeth for a very short amount of time for the first few times, and gradually build up to a minute, just to be sure that it does not make your teeth overly sensitive.  A couple of other White Teeth Remedies that you can try include this Strawberry Teeth Whitening Remedy from another segment of Dr Oz, and this Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Home Remedy. Click on the next page button below to get the full recipe for this home remedy!!!


  1. Chantal Edwards says

    Would you please let me know when (morning or evening), how often per day and how many days the baking soda + lemon mixture is to be use.
    Also, do I throw away the mixture after the 1st use or do I save it until it’s empty. It looks like 1/4 cup baking soda + 1/2 juice of a lemon mixture is too much for one time use.
    I will appreciate your prompt response.

    Ms Edwards

    • lana says

      It’s best to only use the solution once a week, because this method of whitening teeth
      quickly damages enamel.

    • Cory says

      You can get white teeth from brushing with baking soda regularly. There is no need to use lemon juice at all. Also you can swish with hydrogen peroxide. But the bubbles kind of gross me out.

      I also make an edible toothpaste for the kids. 1 part benzonite clay and 1 part xytol. And peppermint EO to taste.

    • Talia says

      I am a dental hygienist and I saw this on pintrist. I had to comment because is the worst thing you could ever do to your teeth!!! It will serously damage your teeth!!! If you do not want to buy whitening products because of the cost you can brush with a little baking soda a couple times a month and it will help with stains.

      • Fiddle DeeDee says

        Aloha… I totally agree with you. NEVER use lemon juice on your teeth, as it is corrosive to the enamel. Baking soda is an abrasive, so it should be used with caution and not too often, because it will physically wear off tooth enamel in time.

        A safer whiter-teeth alternative is to mix a Much less abrasive (and gum-healing) bentonite clay, which costs next to nothing at the health food store, with Xylitol. Best price I’ve found for that so far is Vitacost.com’s own brand. Mix the dry clay into a little water, and not the other way around. Xylitol actually lifts the old plaque off of teeth and it tastes just like sugar. Store the mixture in a small jar or container.

        If you have a dental tray left over from using bleach whiteners, you can spread some of this into the trays and let it sit on your teeth for about 10 minutes or so. Rinse and brush with fresh paste. Amazing!

    • Talia says

      I wrote a comment earlier and then I read all the comments written before mine. Please all of you that are being so hateful to the dental professionals trying to give helpful advise try this and you can let us know how it works out. I’m sure you know more about teeth that someone who went to school for four years of dental school.

  2. Dr Lori Cockley says

    As a dentist, I would like to comment here on Dr Oz’s LUDICROUS teeth whitening home remedy.

    I absolutely DISAGREE with these recommendations. It would be DANGEROUS to apply a slurry of lemon juice to teeth and then brush! Lemons are HIGHLY acidic since the pH is about 2. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14 from strongest to weakest acid strength. (Coke is also about a 2!) Acid will break down and dissolve the enamel on your teeth and brushing the highly abrasive baking soda mixture immediately afterward will erode them quickly! The mixture of the two is a recipe for disaster! PLEASE DO NOT put ACID on your teeth to whiten them….and please do not get dental advice from non-dentists!

    • Travis says

      I would disagree with this. This does work for teeth whitening. How can you mention to people not to do this, when dentists suggest that flouride is good for you when in fact, flouride is very poisonous to the body. Fluoride is used as an insecticide and a roach killer. Dental fluorosis is one of the earlier signs of fluoride poisoning, appearing in mild cases as a chalky area on the tooth, and in more advanced cases, teeth become yellow brown or black and the tips break off. Unless it says on the package does not contain fluoride, you are using fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoridated toothpaste contains 1,000 ppm fluoride. There is enough fluoride at 1,000 to 1,500 parts per million to kill a small child if they consume the entire tube. If a child consumes just part of it, it could result in either acute or chronic toxicity. A four to six year-old child will swallow 25 to 33% of the toothpaste they put on their toothbrush. Don’t let them put it in their mouth unless when they swallow it, it is good for them. Fluoride actually causes gum damage at the concentrations used in fluoridated toothpaste at 1,000 ppm. Fluoride poisons enzyme activity and slows down the ability of the gums to repair themselves. If you brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste, you will suffer gum damage.

      • Kate says

        HAHA I cannot believe that you just said that “fluoride is very poisonous to the body” and you inferred that we shouldn’t be using toothpaste or other dental products for this very mis-guided conclusion. Did you know that Phoenix has been fluoridating their water for decades? Those who over-use fluoridated rinses and similar products can create tooth discoloration, but that’s the worst possible problem! Decades of searching for real health risks of water fluoridation have found precisely: nothing. Fluoridation PREVENTS tooth decay. You’re probably thinking…what are your credentials? Try a BS in Nutritional Sciences, a BS in Chemistry, and a doctorate in Pharmacy. Oh and I often disagree with Dr. Oz, but at least I have a true health education.

        • Chris says

          Fluoride is an industrial poison , is known to reduce IQ levels and brain damage, this is why the soviets and the Nazi’s added it to the camps drinking water because it made the inmates docile… not sure where you got your diploma mill paper but you are dead wrong and totally mis informed… must have had too much fluoride yourself, next you are going to say that vaccines do not cause health issues too…. pretty sad..

          • Diana says

            You are right. The Nazis did use Fluoride. It is very dangerous, but the public just believes whatever the media, the government, and the medical industry tell them.

          • Esme says

            This is as crazy as the anti-vaccine blather. The town I have lived in for 40 years has had flouride longer than almost any place in the country. No one has ever had any health issues attributed to flouride. Not just that, but I have fantastic teeth.

        • Toothttuthr says

          Hi everyone,
          It’s amazing to me that some dentists are objecting to the use of lemon and baking soda when…fluoride is so dangerous. If you have not throroughly researched the issue how can you object? I understand that as a memeber of the dental community, one is lead to believe certain things. But upon carefully investigation, one will discover an enormous body of evidence that invalidates this opinion held by many dentist.

          • Hans says

            Lemon and baking soda are bad for your teeth you idiot. flouride strengthens your teeth, yes it’s poisonous BUT THATS ONLY IF YOU SWALLOW IT… what now is someone gonna tell me that the government is using flouride as mind control? you guys are rediculous

        • Dave says

          You talk like somebody who is in love with themselves. Are YOU a dentist? NO, YOU’RE NOT, RIGHT? The first people to be full of manure are usually the so-called experts. People who REALLY know their stuff don’t have to childishly mouth-off about their degrees.

      • Alisha says

        No one should do this!!!!!! Lemon juice should NEVER be applied to enamel as it demineralizes it. If you do this routine….your enamel will eventually crumble like chalk. One should never such on lemons let alone apply it with a toothbrush to the teeth. This is so wrong and should be removed asap. Hello carries!

        • C. W. says

          Sadly for both of you, the baking soda neutralises the acid. It is practically inert. You can’t get enough juice from half a lemon to even activate a quarter cup of baking soda. If anything, this is alkaline.

      • Gwen says

        Alright, first off this is an absolutely terrible idea. Lemon juice is very acidic and the reason it makes your teeth look so white is because it literally wears off the yellow of the tooth. The acidic level then erodes the rest of your teeth. Some people commented on how this is better than fluoride because fluoride is poisonous. While it is true that you should NEVER consume fluoride, you shouldn’t use lemon juice either. Mix together baking soda and water to create a paste. The taste isn’t phenomenal but add some mint extract to cover the taste:)

        • JC says

          now, for some truth…fluoride is a waste product..now lets see, how can we get rid of this poison. I know..lets leach it into the water system, tell the people its good for them & they’ll never suspect anything! oh boy…brain cancer…no one will ever know! hmmm….

      • Denise says

        I agree with you that fluoride is VERY poisonous. Communities that have fluoridated water have a 50% higher cancer rate that communities that do not. And that is just one of the horrid things it does! Somehow I think that people would rather have a cavity than cancer.

    • Cyrs says

      PLEASE DON’T TAKE Dr.Lori Cockley or Dr Brian Overmyer SERIOUSLY, for they are either greatly misinformed or, deliberately providing misinformation to protect their wallets. Baking soda has been known for ages to be an acid neutralizer (this is basic chemistry). So the baking soda neutralizes the acid before you even start brushing your teeth with this mixture. Therefore, this is a good inexpensive home remedy to whiten one’s teeth. I’ve done it before and have had no problems, likewise, my mother has done it for much longer than me and still without issue. But you guys should remember, to use this treatment in moderation. Its only recommended that this home remedy be done once or at most twice a week.

      • jen says

        they are not stating do not use baking soda what they are stating is not to use the lemon juice due to the acid… the method will work to whiten the teeth by breaking down the enamel which will be stained, but enamel after being broken down does not repair itself, so it will ruin your teeth. Baking soda on the other hand is fine to use, there are other alternatives that will not break down the enamel. If you want you can also use baking soda and peroxide however do not use too much peroxide, or swallow it. hope this helps.

          • lisa says

            I would also disagree with the dentist on here.in the old day’s they didn’t have toothpaste they used baking soda. And all the dentist I went to said it was good for your teeth. And the lemon part is wrong too . because lemon’s are good for you .putting lemon juice on you’re teeth is no different than eating a lemon.

      • Alisha says

        Sorry baking soda is great but LEMON JUICE is so bad for your teeth. No not put lemon juice on your teeth you are really damaging them. I’m a dental student so I am not protecting my wallet. But seriously Dr. Oz is causing many people to ruin their teeth by posting this. People are going to have their opinions about fluoride but the US has fluoridated water and most people are better off for it.
        But their is no argument for the lemon juice. So acidic!

        • Momo says

          Firstly, I would like to bring to the attention of all readers tha flouride IS in fact a dangerous poison. Yes it is true that the quantity used influences how poisonous it becomes for our bodies, but the FACT remains that it IS a poison and industry professionals cannot deny this. And no matter how much is used in tooth paste or water, over lengthy periods of use (a lifetime for example) you are slowly poisoning your body and no amoint of lousy explanations from Dentists should persuade and convince people to feel it is OK to use. Do not believe everything you read or hear; once upon a time cigarettes were told as being HEALTHY for you – just to make sales!

          Secondly, it is not necessarily dentists’ faults that they recommend these chemicals to us as patients. They have been taught certain things; had these forced down their throats and convinced they are gospel. Unless the individual dentist chooses to question and conduct individual research, they will forever FOLLOW in the direction they are being lead. And I feel very sorry for those who do not question what they are being taught. Science is forever changing and discovering and any good student of it should also do the same. Otherwise you are nothing but a weapon of a greater manipulation. This is a message to all Medical students- expand your thinking and question what you are being taught. Show you really care about HEALTH!!

          Thirdly, flouride in water is NOT a good idea. Reports from the EU price it is impossible to control the percentage of flouride being dumped in our water supplies. Therefore each city that has this, have varying measurements of the poison in their water supply. And research in countries in the EU have proven also that there ARE adverse health effects of the substance and chose to discontinue the use of the substance in thee supply and have never looked back. This was decades ago. And these countries are the ones that throughout history have stuck by their morals.

          I wouldn’t personally recommend using lemon juice with bicarb soda although I am sure it may work. Using bicarb on its own though is very effective and people should be patient for results. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished – Lao Tzu

          • Chaz says

            The lunatic fringe is out in force–you are all just as crazy as the nuts who refuse to get their brats vaccinated and are consequently responsible for putting the elderly, young children, and those with compromised immunity systems at risk of getting sick or even dying. Eighty-four percent of the largest cities in the US have fluoridated water. No illness has EVER been proven as a consequence of fluoride. Courts have regularly struck down claims from maniacal alarmists such as you. Stop trying to scare people–there are things that can kill you in the US, without having to worry about a harmless chemical. Find some hobbies.

      • Mandy Langenhuysen says

        What people need to realize, is that when applying substances to their teeth what they should be focusing on is dental effects. You guys can argue the specifics all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that baking soda is almost neutral on the pH scale, therefore it can’t possibly cancel out one of the strongest acids. Any acid on the teeth is not a good thing. People can argue that the acids are neutralized all they want (which anyone who has taken lots of chemistry classes can tell you is incorrect), but the fact of the matter is the only reason this would work is because of the acid. The part of your tooth that determines the color is NOT the enamel (unless it’s superficial staining, which usually is not the case and would be removed with a simple cleaning), it’s the dentin below that which causes yellowing of the teeth. The acid destroying your enamel is the only reason any whitening happens at all. Unless your teeth are already really demineralized, you wouldn’t see much of an effect if acids didn’t play a role here. Then on top of that you are brushing around a highly abrasive substance, baking soda, onto your already weakened enamel. In addition, now that your enamel is weakened, your teeth will much more readily reabsorb new stains (thus why people who drink a lot of coffee and sodas, both acidic, often have stained teeth). Now people here can say, “I’ve been doing this treatment for years and haven’t had any problems,” all they want, but the fact of the matter is, they’re lucky, because they probably have thicker enamel and high mineral content in their saliva. Many people don’t know this, but your enamel can remineralize after small amounts of damage, using minerals from your saliva. If the rate of damage is more than the minerals in your saliva can repair though acid erosion and cavities can occur. Just because someone else is blessed with good genetics (thick enamel and a naturally high mineral content in their saliva) doesn’t mean the rest of us are going to be as lucky. In fact, for most people, this is a recipe for disaster! Everyone has different teeth, and just because it works for some without any problems, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone without side effects. For example, I’m a dental hygienist and made my dad and I both bleaching trays. He can whiten his teeth with the strongest whitening products they sell, multiple days per week, and not have a problem. Meanwhile, I whiten my teeth once a month, with the weakest products, and I get demineralization spots and extreme toothachess lasting about two days. Everyone’s teeth are different, and everyone’s saliva content is different. Just because it works for a few, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. As a hygienist, I can vouch that it is a terrible idea. This is not to mention the fact that both acids and baking soda are known to cause gum irritation in some people (I know I can’t use baking soda products of any sort). This is exactly why doctors should stay out of dentistry-related discussions. On paper, to someone who knows nothing about teeth or their composition, this probably seems like a great idea: no unnatural chemicals, no peroxides, pregnant ladies and those of ill-health can do it without worry of effects on general health. The fact of the matter is though, this is one of the worst thing you can do to your teeth if you want to keep them around.

    • goat says

      OHHHH okay.. so you WOULD recommend bleaching though, riiiight? pfff.. dentists are seriously like car mechanics these days. Don’t believe whatever you hear someone in a white coat say. Remember they’re human too.

      • kerri says

        I am a dental hygienist and make no money off of whitening and i lose no money by telling you that using lemons to whiten teeth may work over time but it will cause some harm to enamel. like many of the dentists have said in the comments acidic foods and drinks could lead to problems in the future. For someone to say that these people are saying so for the money is the most ridiculous thing considering people from all over comment on this post. If dentists were looking to make money off this post they would say to do this because they would probable make three times the money off the cavities they would be filling. Let’s put it this way.. a whitening treatment can run around $500ish.. a filling runs anywhere between $100-$400. If enough people do this “whitening treatment” they will need fillings all over their mouth and dentists would be rolling in the big bucks. I always love when people think they are an expert on something they know absolutely nothing about

      • Emily says

        If that’s the case, then they would want you to use the lemon juice. If it does wear away the enamel, then you would have to visit the dentist more often, which results in more money for them. I agree with the doctor….. don’t use lemon juice on your teeth. It’s just as bad, if not worse, as drinking a lot of soda.

      • Nima7 says

        ITA – if the dentist was so concerned about a patients health and not profit, they would be informing patients about the level of radiation in dental xrays. Especially the ones that xray the circumference of your entire face. They are known to cause head and neck tumors later in life. Do they tell you this? Hell, no. At least lemon wont kill you.

        • kerri says

          do your own research.. dental xrays have the lowest level of radiation of many different types of xrays, especially if the dentists use digital xrays. If you are not a dental professional I don’t know where you get off talking about things like radiation levels. What qualifies you to talk about anything to do with dentistry

        • Cas says

          I kinda find this offensive. I’m going to be a doctor when I grow up, not because I want money but because I ENJOY helping people. How can you say oh they don’t care they just want money? They found something they like doing and luckily it pays the bills and puts food on the table. Obviously this will whiten your teeth, no ones disagreeing with that but the damage it does to your teeth too is worse then whitening.

        • Paula says

          That is so untrue. Dental X-rays are completely safe. You actually receive more radiation from everyday living, such as being in the sun, from microwave ovens, and other things that emit radiation than you ever would get from dental x rays.

    • Anya says

      With pH strips at hand and out of curiosity I just tested the pH of lemon juice and then a mixture with equal parts lemon juice and baking soda. With the addition of baking soda the pH goes from 2 to 7.

    • Helene says

      don’t be surprised if this info didn’t come from Dr. Oz. there are alot of phoney information of people using his name. I dont believe that Dr Oz would give that info knowing that he is not an expert in dentistry.

    • Mary says

      I agree strongly with you. When I was pregnant I craved lemons. It did not take long for the enamel on my teeth to become very, very soft. My teeth became painful, and the enamel eroded quickly. It’s hard to believe Dr Oz would recommend this method.

    • Cheated by dentists says

      Don’t listen to dentists!
      They only discourage whatever interferes with them not raking in YOUR CASH and ruining your teeth a little or a lot at a time to keep you coming back to them.
      Dentistry is the greatest rip off scam game ever devised next to the Great Depression!

      Listen to me.

    • Nea says

      4 points. #1)You forgot to mention that baking soda is highly alkaline just as lemon is highly acidic. Did you bother testing the PH of the combination before concluding that the end result would be too acidic? Nope. #2) The whitening recipe comes with a recommendation to remove the solution after 1 minute so as not the leave this on the teeth. #3) You do realize that people eat lemons (lemon=fruit=food) without their teeth falling out, right? #4) Cosmetic dentists use harsh chemical mixtures to whiten teeth. That’s far worse for the body than the 2 aforementioned food ingredients.

    • D Boone says

      I actually mix my toothpaste with baking soda and lemon juice (sometimes fresh, sometimes not. It depends on my budget room at the time) every day. My teeth are a good color and are not damaged from it. I used to use just toothpaste and baking soda, but the lemon juice keeps it even whiter (but not too white or odd looking). I brush my teeth with it once a day, and the rest of the time I use plain toothpaste. If I decide I want to get the even whiter then I just brush with the mix more than once in a day until they are to the point that I want, and then it is maintained because I use it every day.
      I haven’t had any problems at all. And it doesn’t make a difference if I use fresh lemon juice or not. I do not have any of it pre-mixed. I just mix it as I need it for single use. I have not tried just mixing a particular amount for storage and re-use because I really wouldn’t know how long that it would stay good. Mixing it for each use works just fine.
      I put the toothpaste on my brush, add banking soda onto it, and squeeze juize after that. It works just fine, and I do this regularly. I prefer it to other teeth whiteners.

    • Linda says

      If you say the solution has the same pH as Coke then its not dangerous. After all Coke is sold for consumption by all.
      Maybe not wise to use regularly but sure not alarmingly dangerous as you’ have us believe.

  3. Dr Brian Overmyer says

    I absolutely concur with Dr. Lori Cockley’s opinion.

    I have photos of a catastropic case I recently repaired. My patient wore through about 1-1.5 mms of an extremely strong dental alloy simply because he enjoyed the classic Tequilla, Salt, Lime method of drinking tequilla.

    The combination above sadly looks like a prelude to pain, enamel loss, which would actually make teeth extremely unsightly.

    This advise is so far into left field I will be contacting the ADA and forwarding my concerns on behalf of the residents of Illinois where I am liscensed.

    • Ell Naturel says

      Dentists of course will disagree. They over charge insanely and do more damage to teeth than good. Don’t go and get your teeth scrapede! Use Plax – amazing product to remove plaque from the teeth and doesn’t hurt the enamel.

  4. Dr. M says

    I thought this was a joke when I first read that a medical doctor is recommending putting lemon acid on your teeth.

    do not do this, as it will dmaage your teeth.

  5. Brandi says

    I used this and like it…you dentists are all idiots who do NOT have medical degrees. So I suppose you think all the harsh chemicals sold in the store for dental uses are bettter? They give me canker sores and cause my teeth to be sensitive to heat and cold. I’ll take something from nature over all the chemicals you have been brain washed to use. Usually I distrust anyone in the medical field as you have all been led to believe that medications are the answer, which is why I respect Dr.Oz because comes from a natural holistic place. If you think you know more than Dr. Oz why didn’t you go to medical school? ahhh couldn’t get in…so dental was the alternative. (or maybe veterinarian?) losers

    • Liam says

      Dentists go to an extra 4-6 six years after getting a bachelors degree, just like doctors. The only difference is that dentist focus on teeth. Don’t be so quick to say they’re not doctors when they have the same amount of schooling.

    • Racheal says

      Brandi you’re a moron!! lmmfao. you trust a doctor on TV, who is NOT specialized in teeth over DOCTORS who are?? haha talk about back woods redneck logic their!

      • Becca says

        I am from the backwoods redneck land and comparing her to me is insulting!! Not sure what to compare her to.. lol

    • A says

      actually it is harder to become a veteranarian than it is to become a doctor. Think about it..all people have the same basic mould for their bodies and their insides. Animals are all different therefore it is a lot more difficult! Grow a brain.

  6. Sue says

    Brandi, You are an idiot. Plus its harder to get into veterinary school than medical. As a veterinarian, medical school was a fall back. It is proven that acid erodes your enamel away.

    • Elizabeth says

      umm…when did veterinarians become apart of this conversation? how does that have anything to do with teeth??!

  7. Brian P Overmyer DDS says


    Brandi Says:
    January 7th, 2011 at 8:44 pm
    I used this and like it…you dentists are all idiots who do NOT have medical degrees. (FALSE-Everyone one of the fifty states requires a dentist to be a Doctor and a specialized doctor–and the Univeristy of Iowa I was in the same Anatomy -Pharmacy-Patholgy courses and so on as the MDs)

    So I suppose you think all the harsh chemicals sold in the store for dental uses are bettter? ( On the contrary it can be shown that the common emuslifiers might not be so great… Sodium Lauryl etc…)

    They give me canker sores and cause my teeth to be sensitive to heat and cold. (Using lemon juice which strips away enamel does this..Diet sodas… anything that is a strong acid–gastric reflux disease- occlusal problems.. simply genetic design might be the main factor also. If you have this sensitivity you should be using a toothpaste made for it)

    I’ll take something from nature over all the chemicals you have been brain washed to use. (Its your mouth do what you like…Pig dung is from nature I might add 8P ROFL)

    Usually I distrust anyone in the medical field as you have all been led to believe that medications are the answer (It’s not usually a great practice to lump so varied a group of people in to such a homogeneous judgement), which is why I respect Dr.Oz because comes from a natural holistic place.

    If you think you know more than Dr. Oz why didn’t you go to medical school? (I am sure i know more than Dr. Oz about teeth which is why I am a DDS and he is an MD) ahhh couldn’t get in…so dental was the alternative(I chose dentistry when I was a mere 11 years old as I had 5 on my paper route and they categorically were nicer and more well off. (or maybe veterinarian?) losers

    So to set the matter straight…Dentists are a specialized Doctor just like your obstetrician-opthamologist etc.

    We take national medical boards-we take regional/state medical boards and we take regional/state sugical boards to become liscensed.

    Dentists perform surgery and administer drugs on a daily basis.

    • Ashley says

      For everyone saying that dentists are dumb and televised Dr. Oz knows “everything” then please do this stupid remedy. After all what’s the worst you can do, damage YOUR teeth? Who cares! Clearly you don’t since you think dentists are dumb anyways let your teeth rot out and then fix the problem yourself. It’s sad that you believe everything you see on television.

      P.s. I have BEAUTIFUL teeth. I’ve had braces from the orthodontist and I go the dentist every 6 months. My teeth are perfectly straight and white! All I do is brush them regularly and use listerine pre whitening rinse!

  8. Jayne says

    Brandi, to call you an idiot would be an insult to idiots. So licensed dentists don’t know about tooth enamel (and MDs do?) – they are specialists in the field. That’s what they do. That’s what they went to dental school for.

  9. Jake says

    People, what’s wrong with everyone here. Dr. Oz said to mix the lemon juice and backing soda and put on your teeth for ONE MINUTE. Surely, your teeth are not going to be eaten away in one minute. The baking soda neutralizes most of the acid in the lemon anyway, and you’ll see the reaction as the baking soda bubbles up when hitting the lemon juice, so you all need to relax and stop insulting each other here. I tried it and it works pretty well, not as well as say the Crest white strips, but for a quickie to remove coffee stains, it works great. I won’t do it again for a while as you’ve got to use some common sense not to use this every day for tooth whitening. It’s meant to be used as a quickie remedy…not a long term one. Doesn’t anyone have any sense anymore? Wake up people!

    • Lin says

      I just brush my teeth in the morning after my coffee and breakfast and drink water the rest of the day. No whitening needed !

    • Leanne says

      I agree with jake! Why is everyone freaking out about lemons being acidic? one minute is not very long. You expose your teeth to acidic foods and drinks all the time and let it sit on your teeth without brushing it off right away:p I don’t think that this is even worth arguing about honestly! Everyone is just getting much to worked up about all of this haha

      • carolyn says

        Agreed, it’s only a minute once a week. The things that we put into our bodies on a daily basis are much worse, and the chemicals used in commercial teeth whiteners are much worse. This is awesome! 😀

    • CCD says

      The problem is that the article says to brush afterwards. You shouldn’t even brush after you drink a coke or gatorade. The preferred course of action would be to immediately rinse with water, wait an hour, then brush- if you want to keep your enamel. Any time you intake a cariogenic substance, it’s said the average exposure time is 40 minutes (unless it’s something really retentive then it’s a whole ‘nother story) I think the reason everyone is so up in arms about this is that it’s coming from an MD- a televised one at that- and it advocates a “natural remedy” for something outside his field that all the hippie-go-free-frees will go crazy for and it’s just completely ludicrous. Next he’ll say (if in fact HE did say) to go rinse with Clorox for 15 seconds and then brush.

  10. Meena Kaur says

    hello sir
    i had one daughter she is 4+ years her side front teeth had not come from the chilhood and middle front teeth had come thin as nail that also broken when she was playing in school.
    now i am worried whether the adult teeth will come or not.
    Pl. guide me about her teeth.

  11. samir says

    I think dentists will flush down any alternatives that would disrupt their potential of making money. Anyone who has used a dentist’s services for teeth whitening should know how expensive it is – and moreover, one that is NOT covered under regular dental insurances.

    • Racheal says

      Baking soda is quite abrasive and shouldn’t be put on the teeth. so this combination is just a recipe for disaster!!

  12. Tiffani says

    I haven’t tried this yet but is a half of a lemon(juice) really enough to erode your teeth. Considering that alot of people eat oranges, grapefruits or lemons with there teeth. I just ate a half of a grapefruit today and my teeth seem to be fine. Or does grapefruit have a different type of acid then lemons?

  13. Laurie says

    Good Lord! Of COURSE dentists are going to advise against any home remedies – Dentist want you to spend $$ money buying their remedy to whiten teeth! Just like Doctors, they want you to buy all the different medicines verses doing any sort of natural herbs! It’s all about GREED! I say a little of lemon and baking soda a minute a day is certainly NOT going to damage your teeth! Remember when we were told that if you eat garlic you’ll grow hair on your chest? I’m 47 and I’ve been eating garlic for years – hum still no hair on my chest. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.

    • O.D Jord says

      what the heck kind of drugs are you on? Got any for me?

      The amount of kool-aid drinkers on this thread is shocking. You really think Dentists are out there to “Get you” ? It’s some kind of conspiracy among health professionals to make the public sick so that we can take their money. You should be ashamed of yourselves and deserve an eroded enamel for the ignorance and utter lack of respect for the dental professionals offering their PROFESSIONAL advice.

    • Shay says

      I’m sure if dentist were “out to get everyone” they wouldn’t tell everyone to not do this. They would want you to ruin your teeth so you would have to pay a of money.

  14. says

    Brandi, I’m sorry to say but the dentist are correct. My son, who is only 21 now drank Juicy Juice for all his childhood and all the acid destroyed his teeth. He now has a partial plate on top and bottom. What pisses me off is that no dentist I ever took him to bothered to mention acid in juice as a reason for his decay and enamel loss and I spent thousands of dollars on his teeth.

  15. Maryline Martine says

    Read this everybody. You dentist and you other people. I supposed that everybody learn chemistry in school before they get this degree stuff or whatever it is. LET ME SUGGEST IT NOW.

    Lemon is ACIDIC.
    Baking soda is ALKALINE

    when we mix both of them, the pH will be almost neutral

    ACID + ALKALI = NEUTRAL (almost)

    this is one of many well-known fact. children also know this basic knowledge.

    this site suggest that we mix the two stuff before we apply it on out teeth. It didn’t say that we need to apply lemon on our teeth first. We mix them up first then only the pH stabilize and the level of corrosive low.

    Read the article thoroughly. I may not right but perhaps the dentists in this comment column overlooked this simple fact.

    • Maryline Martine says

      So far as I am concerned,
      the lemon is to be mixed with baking soda first,
      before any reaction from acid into alkali on the lemon itself take place. So, it still considered acidic in nature, in this scope at least. It is not that the reaction is immediate anyway. Or is it?

      True it turn into alkaline in nature, but not in such process when the freshly cut lemon is to be mixed with the baking soda immediately. or again, is it?

    • goat says

      Lemons are not acidic? LOL! Of course they are! My boyfriend is a chemist AND my sister is a dentist, both would agree that there is no problem with putting this on your teeth every so often. The baking soda does indeed work to neutralize it and it’s certainly not nearly as bad as putting bleach on your teeth, which truly does tear away at your enamel. I would highly recommend this remedy; so you’re all telling me I can’t ever eat oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, etc. ever again, eh?.

      • Tyno says

        The problem doesn’t lie with only using lemon juice but the uneducated instruction to brush afterwards. Eating a lot if citrus will absolutely harm your teeth but few people brush after having an orange. It is why dentists rarely encourage you any more to brush after every meal. You should rinse your mouth thoroughly instead as brushing your teeth after eating acidic substances can damage the enamel further.

    • Amanda says

      Linda, lemons are DEFINITELY acidic. Many acidic foods have the effect of making your body more alkaline, and yes, lemons are one of those foods. But lemons themselves are acidic.

    • Tracy says

      Lemons are naturally acidic, they are only alkaline after being eaten. Brushing your teeth with lemon juice is NOT eating the lemon (for most people). I am amazed at the PASSION invoked by this subject. The baking soda neutralizes the acid in the lemon juice, the two will whiten your teeth without harm if used no more than twice a week. That seems pretty simple to me. I say, if you are an adult and make your own decisions…who cares what other people think or say? It’s teeth whitening for heavens sake!

  16. bissy says

    The dentists are correct that acid from lemon juice can wear away the enamel, however, what they fail to realize is basic chemistry. Baking soda neutralizes the acid and therefore is not the horrific concoction they are making this out to be.

    Elementary my dear Watson.

  17. ashley smith says

    I used the bakind soda and lemon juice on my teeth and i didn’t see any biug changes. I left it on for one minute too so i don’t know if i did something wring or if it doesn’t work that well but i’m going to try again later and i will comment on how it worked when i do it. Thank you.

  18. Susan says

    It’s true that over time, lemon juice is acidic, but the remedy really doesn’t amount to much exposure. Use it for a minute or two then brush. I’m sure dentists don’t advise against eating oranges, and grapefruits, or drinking lemonaide. Home remedies save consumers millions of dollars. That’s the real issue.

  19. Justin says

    To Linda,

    You should probably jump off a bridge. Lemon juice has a pH of 2, which means it is highly acidic. Before you off yourself, look up an image of the pH scale.

  20. LOLa says

    Cyndi, you do realize you just answered your own question; your son drank (apparently acidy) juice “his whole childhood” and now at 21 his teeth are screwed (probably literally?). So apparently it takes 15 years straight of drinking that a LOT every day to decay teeth.

    We’re talking about neutralized lemon acid on a handful of occasions here. Not sure how that can be compared.

    Denists do just want to make money. You can’t tell me that tooth decay makes them so sad they go online to correct people to save their souls… decay means more money for them. All whitening products are bad. Teeth of adults are not supposed to be white. It’s our current youthful beauty standard – waxing, no wrinkles, full head of hair and white teeth. Sorry I am not a 9 year old nor do I look like one, I’m sure my partner doesn’t mind.

  21. S.W. says

    Wow. Lemon juice has a pH around 2 from citric ACID. Definition of alkaline: pH greater than 7. The minerals they breakdown into are alkalizing once metabolized- after its been in your month. Lemons and other acidic foods can do serious damage to your teeth. Seen it many times. Do YOUR research. Dr. Oz is an idiot.

    • Kali says

      I am 26 years old and have eaten lemons regularly since childhood. I do notice immediately after eating a lemon my teeth are extra sensitive but as long as I brush them shortly after, it goes away pretty quickly. I have very healthy teeth and very little dental work… Eating citrus regularly is not dangerous, you just have to promptly clean them to remove the acid….

  22. Malybabes says

    This is the funniest thing I have read in awhile. I put half of a lemon’s juice on my salad yesterday! No, you shouldnt brush immediatly after consuming acidic foods, but try and neutralize your mouth’s environment first, you can even eat some cheese or milk to help protect your enamel after consuming fruit or juices. Yes, i think a good dose of common sense is the prescription here.

    • Curios Humor says

      No joke! I can’t believe I kept reading the comments, even though you know what is coming next you can’t believe what you are reading… You are so right, moderation and balance are the answers to almost every question. Funny how people just keep making the same extremist comments over and over…

  23. Dr. Spitzemin says

    Dr. Overmeyer and Dr. Cockley are in this case, very wrong. I’ve been a dentist for 20 years, and this is something that I often suggest to patients on a regular basis.

  24. Karen says

    Actually i have been doing this for quite some time and my teeth are perfectly healthy white and i go to the dentist regularly. IF you are going to use the lemon and baking soda paste make sure to use it Once a week due to the acid. DO NOT exceed more that 2 times a week. I hope that answers some questions and theories!!

  25. Colette says

    Hmmm. Reiterating Laurie’s point: I suppose moderation is key, as always. Doctors/Dentists recommending shelf whiteners or in-clinic treatments care more about their wallets than your teeth. They can hardly complain about the corrosive effects of lemon when peroxides and detergents abound in most drugstore remedies and surgery procedures to whiten teeth…

  26. says

    As my previous commenter told, this article is truly for each n every people. Really helpful for the specialized dentist and for the general people as well. Lemon and baking soda are one of the best home remedies for whitening your teeth. But make sure one thing: don’t use excessive bleaching for whitening your teeth. As being a specialist, I recommend you all to consult with your dentist before using bleaching as a home remedy for whitening your teeth. Anyways, thanks for a good article. I have tweeted it to my followers. Love to see more from you. 🙂

  27. Walter says

    Oh Folks! Of course Dr.Oz is “wrong” and dentists would reccomend you Crest…

    Crest Whitestrips contain: Water, Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbomer 956, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Saccharin.
    Anybody knows what is Sodium Hydroxide? It is Caustic Soda. Wait a minute..Plumbers using it for Drain cleaning..mmm i’ ll go with lemon probably.

  28. Canada1234 says

    Is this really happening over baking soda and lemon juice people. “im right! NO IM RIGHT!. Hahaa. God all americans are the same. Do not put too much stress into it or you wont just have teeth whiteing problems, but wrinkles to top it all off.

    Everyone on here has all good points of views, from all different sides of chemistry and biology. Its just your personal views and opions or professional opions. I def would try this, not more than once in 6 months or so. Im sure it wont really do much tho.

    Anyway, stop acting like children, its giving all you professional a bad look for an american outsider, dont let those sterotypes become true.



  29. Kinisha Mills says

    Everyone is rightfully Correct with there Comments The dentist is right to say too much Acid is bad for your teeth………..But because we are mixing baking soda which is a alkaline which therefore Balances the P.H which makes it less Harmful too the Teeth.Your only going too only brushing your teeth once or twice a day for minute so it isnt that bad! We eat oranges and grapefruit, even drink fizzy juices nearly everyday Full of Lovely acidic stuff which has got too be terrible for our poor teeth so Brushing your teeth with a acidic and alkaline for a minutue cant be that BAD!! Realllllllllllllly

  30. ken says

    Ughh….This method is no more dangerous then those whitening bleach gels sold at stores. Of course your dentist won’t recommend this because “its dangerous to the enamel blah blah blah i can whiten your teeth for $1000 blah blah blah” BUT its not IF you use it correctly. I’ve known people that have used this method for yearssss and have perfect white healthy strong teeth. The trick is You only do it ONCE A WEEK. You don’t need to let it sit, just brush your teeth with the mixture like you normally would. Keep a seperate toothbrush for just for use once a week with the lemon mixture and another for brushing your teeth normally with regular toothpaste. In addition to this make sure you don’t consume too many beverages that can stain your teeth,such a coffee, red wines, etc. And if you do drink it through a straw…

  31. Taffy says

    Suzy, you are the one who is an idiot. (and mayb S.W. and a few of the dentists who are knowlegeable but are educated to worth with selling expensive branded solutions only). Dr. Oz said brush with a lemon AND baking soda MIX. Don’t over-react to one part of the whole. Yes, Lemons are acidic, but equally yes, Baking Soda IS alkaline. Acid + Alkaline = neutral. So the lemon and baking soda mix with is neutra, or at worst a much weaker acid. Which is rinsed off immediatel afterward.

    • Kel says

      Okay, no. You called Suzy an idiot however you said the exact same thing she did, which was that lemons are acidic. Linda was not correct in saying that lemons aren’t acidic. I really don’t get why you’re trying to attack someone who you said the same thing as.

  32. Geo says

    You should only do this about ounce a week or your teeth will be damaged. Also, I used the lemon juice from the bottle and it worked just fine.

  33. Lala girl says

    I used this method, and now my teeth are reacting strangely. And by that i mean that they are reacting to cold and hot very much. I did this about an hour ago, and my teeth have whittened comparitevely i agree,but I want some advice! What should i do?

  34. Deerp says

    How can so many of you MD’s or DDS’s and such not know that though lemon is an acid, baking soda is a BASE! What does acid + base = ??? C’mon think real hard here….

  35. Tena says

    Lol I think im going to try this… i bet half the dentists on here have lemon n limes all the time… they know this works n are worried about their businesses… you think toothpaste n whatever you dentists use to whiten teeth are any better?? You guys implant steel in peoples jaws n think that is okay. Id take Something natural Any day over some scientist made FDA approved Only cus they probably get paid to shut up n get a piece outta the action BULLSHIT!! Dentist charged me for a filling on my 6 yr old sons tooth that fell out a week later… you wanna tell me his xrays didnt show another tooth growing in its place n couldnt just charge that tooth to the game cus anothetr one is coming out in its place… YOUR ALL IDIOTS N CROOKS!!!

  36. Me says

    When dr oz spoke of these he was VERY specific to NOT leave it on for more then a minute because IT WILL EATTHE ENAMEL!!! pluse he said it was for people who had teeth sensitivity from the strips….

  37. Skip says

    Silly. It was probably all the sugar in the juicy juice that made your child’s teeth rotten,
    not the acid from the fruit if it was even real fruit juice.

      • melmel says

        Fruit juice (like fruit) has natural sugars, which are just as bad for your teeth as any other drink besides water. The utter ignorance in some of these comments would be laughable if the people making them weren’t rotting their kids teeth. 🙁 Sad.

  38. Genna says

    I have a question. When it says brush your teeth, does that mean brush it with water or toothpaste? Or just rinse with water? Because I’m not so sure, but does brushing with toothpaste affect the brightening in any way? Please answer. Thank you.

  39. Dental Student says

    As a dental student, I highly recommend the application of this whitening method. My student loans are mounting, and this will insure I have plenty of patients with eroded teeth to fix! Those of you who criticize the dentists on this board of trying to protect their wallets need to look more cautiously at the dentists who encourage it! I can assure you that whitening properly performed by a dentist will cost a lot less than the veneers, root canals, fillings, and so on you’ll all need eventually.

    Best wishes!

    • Bobby V says

      And I suppose you’re a chemist too? I’d like you to explain in chemical terms how the reaction between these two substances works. AFTER you’ve done that, explain the chemical reactions that happen in the mouth in detail. You can all tell us it doesn’t work, but none of you can explain it in technical terms. That would end the conversation. Of course that’s provided that you know enough about chemistry to make an informed recommendation.

  40. Susan says

    Uhmmm, actually I have used the lemon juice/baking soda combo as a house hold brass polisher… it strip the tarnish off of the brash. So what is is doing to the teeth? Just saying, if you want to keep your teeth for a lifetime, get them cleaned and polished every three months at a Dental Office (some colleges have clinic schools open to the public for the uninsured). If you would like to whiten I would recommend Rembrandt Strips, the are nicer and more gentle than the crest. They cling to the teeth better than crest strips and they do not cause you to slobber like a teething child like crest. Tried both strips and hands down Rembrandt Strips win, in whitening, comfort and they do not cause my teeth to be sensitive. Save the homemade paste for the household brass bowls.

  41. nichole says

    If you have your children brush their teeth instead of being a lazy parent then their teeth wouldn’t be rotten period! My children drank kool aid and jucie their whole lives and oranges grapefruit and they love lemons! They don’t not have rotten teeth because they brush their teeth like their suppose to!!!!

  42. Lexi says

    …Everyone that commented on this is an idiot. Why did you waste so much of your precious time battling tooth and nail over something so trivial that you saw on a dumb website? Some people…

  43. Thanks for a good laugh... says

    I have been searching for home remedies to whiten my teeth since thousand dollar whitening is obviously out of the question. You people and dentists arguing make the dentists look like fools. If what Dr. Oz suggested was really bad, he wouldn’t have mentioned it as helpful on NATIONAL TV. They would not have allowed it. Like seriously just decide for yourself and do it.

  44. Chris says

    Lemons are acidic. They become alkaline once the juice is metabolized by the human body. Acids do rode the enamel of the teeth with prolonged use. But in reference to perhaps using this whitening method once a week, the erosion occurs over years. But in conjunction with all the other acidic foods we consume, it does not help the strength of out teeth in the long run.

  45. Cameron says

    …You guys all need to chill out. Try it if you want, don’t if you don’t want to. It’s your own teeth. Do what you want to. Just please, stop calling each other idiots…it’s kind of annoying. People obviously aren’t idiots if they are smart enough to go into dentistry, but (people who are in dentistry) don’t go around thinking that you are the only smart people here. Just….chill. Calm down. It’s OK.
    Take a couple deep breaths.
    Now lets fall into the child’s pose…
    Just joking. But seriously. If you haven’t gotten the picture yet, I’ll say it one more time….CHILL THE HECK OUT. Thanks:)

  46. Heather says

    Just wanted to say thank you for everyone’s opinions before I even thought about trying this. I was definitely questioning it and was going to ask my dentist. But now I see I don’t even have to. Even though some of these comments are awful and soulless I am glad I didn’t even try it. And I am just happy that some people could be classy about there opinions since many will see them. Thank you again to the dentists that commented. And I hope everyone remembers there is no one making you do this nor telling you have to. Based on a few comments I am pretty sure they forgot that one.

  47. ironcitylindsay says

    I think the dentist’s patient who needed extensive work due to tequila, salt, lime habits has bigger problems than his enamel erosion. THAT WOULD HAVE TO BE A TON OF TEQUILA!
    Also, invite this guy to your next party. For that much damage, just from biting limes, he must drink A LOT.

  48. Petila says

    In my country it is used to eat lemons all the time with everything and our teeth are very healthy. Some people like to eat lemons just with salt and they are perfectly fine, i’ts something really common, so I don’t see the problem in here, and is quite funny to see you fighting about that, indeed.

  49. Passerby says

    I’m sure Brandi couldn’t even understand most of the words you typed LOL. Way to show who the idiot really is!

  50. LaLa says

    Taffy, maybe you should check your grammar and spelling before you call someone else an idiot. By the way it’s overreact. One word sweetie. 🙂

  51. Anna says

    I’m a Dental Assistant not a dentist but I Agree with them that this is a BAD idea. Lemon juice is not good for your enamel. If you want a natural remedy for whitening your teeth just look up the peelu whitening product. It’s all natural made from the peelu tree. It whitens your teeth and does not harm them. Problem solved

  52. says

    Please, everyone, listen to the dentists that have commented here. I am a dental hygienist and have spent six years in school for this. I do not have any financial motivation to recommend things (as some of you are claiming dentists do). I prefer home remedies and more natural ingredients too. And I want the best for you.

    With that said, please do not use baking soda and lemon juice on your teeth. It will harm them after repeated use. I’ve seen things like this every day in practice. It is not best for you.

    But, I tell all my patients this. It is your life. Your decision. How you would like to live it is up to you. If you want to take a risk and potentially do a lot of harm to your teeth down the road, then so be it. Just know, I want you to do the right thing and using lemon juice and baking soda is not going to be the best thing for you.

    Please consider this before attacking dental professionals.

  53. girl says

    Ya’ll are ridiculous. App getting all whipped up at each other! Stop calling everyone idiots and being jerks to anyone with a different opinion than you. No, I don’t agree with some of the things that some of you have said, but that doesn’t mean I hate you or you’re an idiot.
    Let’s all be adults here and accept our differences. If you want to try whitening you’re teeth with lemon juice- go for it! They are your freaking teeth.
    If it doesn’t work out for you, let us know. Then stop doing it. Just be careful and don’t do the treatment excessively.
    If you don’t want to risk it, don’t try Dr. Oz’ home teeth whitening remedy.
    Dr. Oz is not a bad person. Neither are all the doctors on the world.
    Everyone just relax.
    And stop fighting.
    Thank you.

    • Carmen Merced says

      I can’t believe what im hearing, you should be helping people instead of fighting with each other,please all i need is to get this yellow out my teeth something that won’t kill me.

  54. annoyed says

    This is just a cheap way to whiten teeth. If you don’t like it, that’s fine but some people cannot afford teeth whitening at dentist or from store

  55. Lauren says

    Mixing an acid and a base does not give you neutral. It can if they are of equal parts and opposite pHs of equal difference from neutral. If you mix a strong acid with a weak base you get a slightly less acidic product. Strong alkaline products are not any better for you.

    Does anyone remember 3rd grade science? Leave a tooth in coke or juice overnight and it will be severely eroded. One minute at a time adds up plus everything else you eat in a day and do not immediate rinse and brush away.

    Healthcare professionals are not out there to get you. Do you have a job? If you do then at some point you are taking money from either customers/clients directly or indirectly though your employer. If they are out to get you then you are no better.

    Let me guess, those of you who are against dentists are against vaccines too. Because the polio virus is obviously more “natural” and therefore better for you than having the vaccine injected into your body to prevent the debilitating disease.

  56. Cecilia says

    When did grammar and spelling die? I know this may be a little off-topic, but folks, let’s proofread a little. I like to think someone who claims to be a dentist can write at above an eighth-grade level. I’m not going to take any of you seriously, because they way you are all communicating demonstrates a high-school level of mental depth, not to mention your disregard for fact-checking, basic chemistry, and polite, rational discourse. Please, conduct yourselves like adults. It’s a forum, not a bathroom wall.

  57. Denise says

    This is stupid -_- I’m in dental school and this would be disastrous for your enamel. Lemon juice will erode away your enamel and the statement that brushing it off immediately will fix this problem is actually quite contrary. The sooner you brush your teeth after eating acids, the more enamel you are brushing away because it will be softer. Sorry to disappoint.

  58. Holly says

    Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3) is a relitively weak base with a pH of about 9, while lemon juice has a pH of about 2, making lemon juice quite acidic. Because sodium bicarbonate is amphoteric, reacting with acids and bases, baking soda neutralized the lemon juice once combined, thus raising the pH of the lemon juice to a safe pH of 7 that won’t damage your teeth. This is a perfectly safe home remedy if used in moderation, Dr. Oz know what he’s talking about guys. Sorry, but it’s basic chemistry.

  59. Curious says

    When baking soda and lemon juice are added together, a chemical reaction occurs. The reaction of the two is an acid-based reaction because it involves an acid (citric acid in the lemon juice) reacting with a base (sodium bicarbonate, more commonly known as baking soda). We can write this reaction as follows:

    C6H8O7 + 3NaHCO3 Na3C6H5O7 + 3H2CO3

    In other words, a molecule of citric acid reacts with three molecules of sodium bicarbonate to form a molecule of sodium citrate and three molecules of carbonic acid. Although an acid is reacting with a base, this is not a neutralisation reaction. In a neutralisation reaction, the products are water and salt; lemon juice is a weaker acid and baking soda is an organic salt. If you were to measure the pH of a solution containing the products, it would be lower than 7 (acidic).

    Carbon dioxide, a gas, is produced by the reaction. Any time a chemical reaction produces a gas, it will be heavily favoured due to the large increase in entropy associated with gas formation. When this happens, you will notice the solution bubbling and foaming rapidly.

    This reaction is very exothermic, meaning it releases a sizable amount of energy as heat when it proceeds. Therefore, product formation (including the evolution of CO2 gas and water) occurs rapidly and the solution heats up noticeably. Fortunately, lemon juice is sufficiently dilute that there are not any real safety concerns associated with the reaction, although it will definitely make a mess if you add enough lemon juice.
    Via Irisphilli

  60. alkemiss says

    I’m going to go re watch breaking bad…… Then I’m going to try this… As if you don’t put enough junk in ur body through out the day and ur trippen over 1 min of a home remedy? And also two basic house hold items go read ur crest white strips then come and tell me if you know what any of that crap is or if you can even pronounce them!!!

  61. Kelli says

    Ok, if dentists are out to get us and only want our money… wouldn’t they sit back and not say anything about using lemon acid on teeth so when your teeth DO get messed up, you’ll come running to them to fix them? PAYING them for it? Geez, some of you people are complete whackmasters.

  62. Lil Momma says

    I agree! Dentists have been trained to know teeth better than doctors, so naturally I would listen to their advice!

  63. Everyone on here is ridiculous but ill join in on the fun :) says

    Everyone Shhhhhh. I just wasted 20 minutes reading through all this nonsense before I caught myself and realized WHO CARES. Stop trying to convince other people of things. Worry about your own teeth and carry on with your lives. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO IS RIGHT OR THE PH LEVELS OF ANYTHING…..ALL I KNOW IS THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME AND ME WRITING THIS WAS A WASTE OF TIME. LOL

  64. becki says

    So I started doing this a few months ago and figured once every 3 weeks would be fine. I had my regular dental checkup the other day and my dentist was appalled at the state of my teeth. :S He asked me did I start drinking soda or juice in excess.

    I kind of shrugged it off and I didn’t tell him what I was doing but I had to get some dental work done because the enamel was worn down so much on my front teeth that they were almost see through. 🙁 As a brighter note, the bonding stuff he put behind my front teeth looks lovely! My teeth are white but they kind of looked a little greyish towards the bottoms, and now that he filled them in and they are no longer translucent they look white and healthy!

    But yeah, don’t use the lemon. It makes your enamel break down at a very alarming rate.

  65. lauren says

    I would just like to say that my enamel is ruined just from drinking lemonade regularly.the damaging of enamel has caused me to have incredibly sensitive teeth. Now I can no longer use any kind of whitening product because it only further damages my teeth. This leaves me with yellow sensitive teeth. I would definitely NEVER recommended putting any kind.d of lemon juice directly on your teeth. This is from first hand experience.

  66. rachel says

    Using lemon juice on your teeth seems pretty abrasive. However the baking soda used as a neutralizer comment…. I have a degree in bionic chemistry and I am sure that a 1/4 cup of baking soda will not fully neutralize the acid contained in half of a lemon. The ratios would need to be much further apart.

  67. Kendra says

    Like seriously? You guys are fighting, calling names and acting like retards over something doctor oz says? It is an idea he shared. No big deal. If you think you’d like to try it then see if it works. If you don’t want to then don’t. I agree it’s one min a week so it shouldn’t be a big deal but after a few months go to the dentist and see if your enamel is worse than it was and then go from there. You People are so drematic!

  68. OkieBug says

    I was reading the comments and felt the need to post my own. I just wanted to THANK EVERYONE who brushes their teeth! There’s nothing worse than trying to talk with someone who doesn’t brush. Makes me thing of an old song…”They call Me ‘Yuck Mouth’ cuz I don’t brush!!!….”

  69. MK says

    I would like apologize to the dentists on this board for the nasty things being said. Yes, dentists ‘can’ make money. However, just like doctors there are standards on what they use and prescribe. How many of you get regular check ups, get flu shots, use z-packs, take aspirin? All of these that doctors regularly recommend have side effects. I can’t speak for all doctors or dentists, but I would believe based on their hippocratic oath that they treat their patients as needed and would not recommend something that would bring them harm. And for future reference, though they may not actually go to medical school, the equivalent programs are just as strenuous and educational giving them the label of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). Most dentist in fact do carry the label of Dr. due to their advanced level of education.

  70. Katie says

    Okay so I have actually tried this a LONG time ago! It really does erode the enamel and makes your teeth super sensitive. Not only can you see the erosion I have chipped two of my teeth lately because of this. I only let it sit for the minute and did it only a few times but its not healthy for your teeth. Why try something that will mess your teeth up so that when you do go to the dentist you have to hand out more money.. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  71. Jordan L says

    If any of you took chemistry you would understand the reaction going on here. It is called neutralization. When a strong acid, such as lemon, and a strong base, such as baking soda, are combined the reaction neutralizes the affects on your teeth. For example, when you have heartburn that is from an excessive amount of acid in your stomach. When you take an antacid, a strong base, it neutralizes the reaction thus causing the heartburn to stop. I’m not saying it is a safe method to use daily because eventually it would be bad, but that doesn’t mean to never do this.

  72. Dr Nick Riviera says

    Hi Everybody!

    I use a very fine grade sandpaper, lightly rubbed across the surface of my teeth. This creates a course, porous surface to which I then add fluoroantimonic acid by gargling for about five minutes. Fluoroantimonic acid sounds like fluoride which is in toothpaste and when it reacts to the saliva in your mouth it creates an explosion of bubbles which is really intense.

    After doing this my teeth are left perfectly smooth and white, like little nubs and you only need to do this once, it’s that effective!

    Dr Nick Riviera HUMc, CAt, DOg, BLAh, BLAh

  73. Dc says

    Now that Dr Oz says we all should eat Genetically Mangled food, his credibility is ZERO. Ooops, I forgot: he thinks the 1% RICH PEOPLE should eat organically grown food!!!!!

  74. Chrissie says

    Oh I do love it when people make grammatical mistakes whilst being so bold as to criticise the grammar of others… Cecelia.

    Now all you need to do is put on a Queen’s English accent, hire a butler and start using the possessive and reflexive forms of one. Then you will complete the pompous arse look, bravo.

  75. Dana says

    I was wondering if the acid from the lemon would cause the enamel on your teeth to be nonexistent over time totally defeating the purpose of whitening the teeth?

  76. bachekiko says

    Are you all retarded? Don`t you drink fresh lemon juice? And whats the difference between drinking this and feeling cool and puting just small amount of it on your teeth? I think that dentists just don`t want people to have any methods for having beautiful smile, because thus they will stop giving millions to all dentists around the world. As we know – every dentist is a millionaire…

    • menah says

      The acid in the lemon is neutralized by the alkaline source from the water and sugar, therefore fresh lemon juice should not be compared to this.

  77. Kelli says

    I am a dental hygienist and people who place lemons or the juice on their teeth daily will get pitting in the enamel. I am so disappointed Dr. Oz does not know this. It is not even a maybe, the acid will cause enamel damage and breakdown which stain will catch in even more than before.

  78. Melanie says

    Phoenix also has the highest number of women with thyroid problems, a direct cause from floride and chlorine (also in the water) and I didn’t even have to go to school to learn that. I’m part of that high percentage of women from Phoenix.

  79. JZ says

    My mother apparently used to suck on lemons and over time it eroded her enamel on her front teeth and had to have it repaired. I use a home remedy for teeth whiting and it is 1 tsp of peroxide, 1 tsp of baking soda, 1/2 tsp water and a little bit of tooth paste. Mix it well then brush for 2 min. Use one a week til you get the results you want. I’ve done it for the last three weeks and my teeth look great plus no sensitivity like the expensive crap at the Dentist gave me which also made them splotchy white.

  80. Gypsee says

    Great whitening technique, Dr Nick Riviera HUMc, CAt, DOg, BLAh, BLAh! I find the all-natural ingredients in the fine grit sandpaper don’t carry the same, gremlin-like, side effects of other whitening methods mentioned on this post. Thanks! I’ve even lost weight and am starting to enjoy liquified meals. Highly recommend! 🙂

  81. duh says

    I seriously doubt that the people that are disagreeing are all from the US. The internet is not just limited to them.

  82. me says

    Lemon juice is as harmful as soda as a dentist mentioned earlier. Just use in moderation! It says once a week. Just rinse well afterwards and your fine!

  83. ginger2 says

    Ohhh my God. You people are all insane!!! Do you realize you have been fighting over this for a YEAR???? Aren’t there more important things to worry about than how Dr. Oz said to whiten your teeth? Every one of you is so snarky… Move on people. Thank you Pinterest for this link and the subsequent hilarity that followed. This made my night.

    • Anna says

      Made my night too! Instead of fighting over this stuff, they should just stick to the first and foremost important habit! Brushing your teeth regularly and as often as it is required/recommended. Also, drinking lots of water, most preferably after a meal, will definitely keep your mouth fresh and help the greases and other staining foods from doing that exactly. Ugh. Funny, funny. funny!

  84. Baneen says

    i read some of the arguments and realised that some people have nothing better to do than sit and argue about something continuously. For those of you who are against using lemon instead of using lemon juice use mashed strawberries. You can mash strawberries and mix with baking soda or just use the strawberries alone. Also you can use a banana peel and just rub the inside of the peel to your teeth. Don’t wash off or have a drink of water afterwards because it will give you a grungy feeling in your mouth

  85. Meli says

    If people’s diets were proper and all other aspects of their health were looked at- none of this would be a concern. Demineralizing tooth enamel is something that happens daily. We replenish it by what we take into our bodies. You can REmineralize your teeth and even naturally cure cavities just by what you eat.

  86. jane says

    this is such a funny conversation….and if u think dentist are out to get you and your money then your crazy dentist get payed good money everyday they dont need to try and sell there whitening remedi and all there trying to say is if your gonna use the lemon juice all the time then yahh after a while it will ruin your teeth even if it does get nuetralized

  87. al says

    I find a lot of these comments extremely rude. I am no doctor or dentist but they are trying to HELP not harm you. People don’t go to school for years to do something they don’t enjoy. If you want to try this, then try it. You’re only hurting or helping yourself. Everyone is different so the outcome will vary. To comment about how doctors and/or dentists are just trying to make money and don’t know what they are talking about is offensive and cruel. Before judging them and hearing what to do or not to do from others, do your own research. You’re only making yourself look terrible. So do what you will and then judge the remedy; NOT the people trying to help you regardless if they are right or wrong. Seriously, people are just plain mean.

  88. Me says

    You have got to be a complete moron to rub baking soda on your teeth! OMG are Americans really stupid enough to believe this? Use hydrogen peroxide, it’s the same thing they use in teeth whitening, no they don’t use real bleach. You weren’t stupid enough to think they use bleach on your teeth were you?

  89. Jessica E. says

    First, my name is Jessica and I am a Bio Systems Engineer and I specialize in Water Resources.
    They HAVE found that Fluoride is dangerous to ingest – in more than a few cases. Such as one in China, which have found lowered IQ’s in children.The reason why these findings are not taken seriously is because of industry (and misinformation such as this) . Fluoride is illegal in drinking water in Europe, and do you believe that is for no reason? The issue is we believe it to be safe because it is in low doses, but in reality you cannot control the dose of Fluoride in drinking water because it occurs naturally in nature. Please do not pass on misinformation like this. It is frustrating, and it prevents progress for those who know what we are talking about. Thank you.

  90. T says

    … soooo, now that the debate is over is it safe or not? if someone tested it and it went from a 2 to a 7 on the pH scale does that not make it safe to use?

  91. Alyssa says

    I truly cannot believe That Brandi commented that dentists are only dentists because hey couldn’t go to medical school. I hope she realizes that dental school is in fact a medical profession and they have to do just as much ad a medical student to obtain a lisence. It is outrageous that anyone who is clearly that unintelligent could make accusations like that. No one is saying that you cannot do it they just strongly recommend against it. Not because it will make them less money ( because the fact of the matter is if people destroy their teeth by doing this they will need more dental work; not less, meanin more money for the dentist if thy do use it) but because they believe that it is harmful to their teeth. So do what you want but do not post ignorant comments about something you know nothin about. These dentists that are saying it is bad for you obviously went to school for this.

  92. Bethany says

    Okay everyone, can we just drop all of the BS? The FACT of the matter is there are MANY different home remedies to whiten your teeth. Yes they can work as a temporary fix but realize there are going to be a variety of consequences to anything you do. And for everyone who is saying “OMG THIS IS HORRIBLE NEVER DO IT” seriously? In the instructions it says leave on no more than a minute. Like most of you have said, everyone’s body is made differently and therefore will react differently to things such as this. Which most people should know that already. Bottom line, if you want to do it, then go for it. Who is anyone to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do?

  93. katie says

    Can someone tell me how much bleach whitening through the dentist office costs? Not sure if any of the dentists on here that have commented on this method of whitening can answer this question or not…but it’s just something I’m curious about. I drink a lot of coffee and tea and would just like to know. Thanks so much in advance.

  94. Pinterest sent me here :) says

    I found this link through a Pinterest post, which it sounds like many others here did too, and I can’t believe I actually read to the end of the comments! It was just too hilarious!!! It’s a serious thing to ruin your teeth, but oh my goodness…the comments just made me laugh until I cried! I haven’t had such a good laugh in a long time!

    Here’s my suggestion, actually it’s my husband that suggested it…

    1. Take a handful of Mentos.
    2. Chew into a paste, but do not swallow.
    3. Open a bottle of Coke.
    4. Proceed to put the Coke in your mouth with the Mentos.

    Viola! Nice, bubbly clean mouth ;p LOL

    Thank you everyone for the hilarious comments 🙂 Especially… Dr Nick Riviera HUMc, CAt, DOg, BLAh, BLAh

  95. lill says

    I’m surprised so many people are spitting out statistics, etc. but only one person has actually including a link on what they are referencing their knowledge from. Who cares, if you want whiter teeth, do this Dr. Oz solution or go to an office and have it done. I’ve done this, the laser, the stripes…it all works. Just pick a method and run with it. Its your teeth! enjoy a brighter smile. And all this talk about lemon juice and the dangers….a few times? Please give me a break. I’m Mexican and eat lemons all the time, about 2x a week (I literally eat them as you would a peeled apple or pear) and my teeth are completely healthy and fine – gums and all!

  96. Michelle says

    The baking soda will neutralize the acid in the lemon and its the acid that damages enamel. The same way you apply baking soda to neautralize acid after chemical peel. If it keeps your skin from continuing to burn then it should also keep the lemon from eating enamel. Besides its only on for one minute. Nothing dangerous.

  97. Knac says

    If you scroll through all of these comments, you realize that the same conversation is repeating over and over:
    -this is great
    -this is bad for your teeth
    -dentists are stupid, greedy, and are trying to make money by giving you advice on not to do this
    -person who calls dentists stupid gets told by everyone else why they’re stupid
    -someone goes in and specifically breaks down what the stupid person said, and shows why they are stupid
    -it’s only for a minute, what’s the big deal?
    -anddddd repeat!


    • Hazel says

      Ha ha this thoroughly entertaining… it never ceases to amaze me how nasty people can become in defence of their belief, no matter the topic.

  98. Emmy says

    I saw this idea on Pinterest and was going to try it until I read some of these comments. When I was a little kid I used to just suck the juice out of lemon and orange slices, until I went to the dentist and he told my mom that all that acidic juice put a tiny hole in one of my teeth. Luckily it was a baby tooth and was just like a small black dot, but after reading these comments and remembering that, I don’t think this sounds like such a bright and shinning idea.

  99. vincent says

    hello guys i’am from belgium and i need help.

    is it true lemon and baking soda whiten ure teeth? and whitout problems?
    XD mail me fast plz

  100. Alina says

    i want to add that as a part of my bi-yearly teeth cleaning at the dentist is in fact lemon. they use salt and lemon. may be juice or only the oil but i am rather sure it tastes sour.

    any other whitening that is done at the dentist is harmful for the teeth as well because i was told by my dentist that even with professional whitening my teeth would be more sensitive to cold substances.

    baking soda is great stuff for lots of reasons. it is bubbling with lemon juice because it is melting down the acid.

  101. Hmmm... says

    Maybe instead of allowing comments… We should vote yay or nay. I completely forgot what the subject was even about. All I know now is that Drs, Dentists and Veterinarians are all stupid, Stupid people are stupid, and lemons may or may not be stupid.

  102. Whitney says

    Really!!! Its been years now
    Who has the power to shut this thing down? They are sitting back laughing at all you people!! I know I am!!

  103. Khari Cook says

    Whitening your teeth is damaging, so it really doesn’t matter if you use strips, lemons, baking soda, bleaching, strawberries, apples, or hydrogen peroxide. They all wear down your enamel. So choose your poison of choice, just use moderation. #Duhhh

  104. says

    Why argue about this? We are all ignorant. If you believe this works, go right ahead. If you don’t, well then I guess you will never know. Until then please, let’s act like adults. This is almost disgusting to me. And y’all wonder why the generation below you is awful.

    Best wishes,
    19 year old pre-nursing college student.

    • Courtey says

      Thank you! There is some hope for our generation! It’s sad how us 19 year olds are the most mature people on this website. -_-

  105. KM says

    Instead of worrying how to whiten your problem, why not stop drinking things like coffee, or soda? Then when you normally brush your teeth, it will become white over time without all this drastic harm!

    • Debra says

      Although I thoroughly agree with you…C’mon, KM! people are impatient and want a quick fix.This has become a society of “I want it NOW”.

      Today’s society has also become conditioned to take a “pill” (read quick fix) for almost everything instead of addressing the root of the issue. They don’t want to give up anything, make adjustments in their lifestyle, or put in the effort to gain results. They just WANT it NOW. That’s why there are so many things on the market that are so popular. Weight loss pills & potions, fast food establishments, drive thrus & delivery, steroid injections, implants etc.

      As others have said, moderation IS key…. when it comes to anything and everything. In many cases medical intervention may be necessary to achieve the desired results AFTER the damage has already been done.

      So many are reactive (address the results) instead of being proactive (prevent the issue in the first place).

      There are safe and sensible homeopathic solutions to address the myriad of affects but sadly a countless amount of people engage in the thought process that “more must be better” and may overdue it thinking they’ll get greater results quicker. I believe that is where the concern lies with medical professionals that deal with dental issues for a living.

  106. Megan says

    OK, There’s no point in arguing over it. If you have gone to the same dentist for umpteen years and you trust them, ask them about the mixture and the fluoride. Personally putting a Dr. in front of your name online doesn’t convince me that you know your behind from a hole in the ground. All in All it comes down to a personal decision, “do I?” or “don’t I?”

  107. Kara says

    Some of the dentist and experts are right. Mixing baking soda and lemon juice together is not a good idea…if you have sensitive teeth. I did this not too long, and as soon as the water hit my teeth while I rinse. I felt the sensitivity. After that, I brush my teeth as you are intended to do. Anyways, I do not recommend mixing these two agents together if you have sensitive teeth. I just recommend baking soda, brushing with baking soda before brushing your teeth with your desire tooothpaste! I think it will work!

  108. Chris says

    When I start seeing moronic statements like “Fluoride is safe and prevents tooth decay” I know I have fallen into the deepest idiot pit known… time to move on

  109. Debra says

    Haven’t tried this and don’t plan on it because of the damaging affects continual use of lemons and concentrated undiluted lemon juice directly on the teeth produce.

    My daughter & I would go to our favorite Irish Pub in town to shoot some pool and enjoy a couple of drinks. We enjoyed Chocolate Cake Shots routinely and would change it up a bit on occasion and order something else. Biting and sucking the juice from a lemon is part of enjoying this drink. Unfortunately my daughter loved the drink so much that she made it her “usual” when heading there to shoot some pool.
    It didn’t take long before she had ended up with extremely sensitive and painful teeth and gums. The surface of her teeth was softened also. She is a “brush at least 3 times a day kinda girl” so that only added to the problem. She now has to avoid acidic beverages, fruits, etc. because the sensitivity kicks in again.
    Food for thought… just my 2c

  110. Robert says

    lemons may be bad for you teeth and i eas them weekly, alone mostly, and every dentist i have ever been to has always told me i had feat looking and healthy teeth. Don’t know if it’s just me but i haven’t ever had one tell me my enamel is eroding off

  111. nats says

    ……”PantrySpa.com is not endorsed by or in any way affiliated with Dr. Mehmet Oz, ZoCo Productions LLC or to ZoCo 1 LLC. ZoCo 1 LLC is the owner of the following trademarks: DR. OZ™, ASK DR. OZ™ and THE DOCTOR OZ SHOW™. We are an independent and unofficial fan and news site unrelated to any of the entities above. ”

    funny….i came across this just below where it says “submit comment”.
    always question your source of information people. poor dr.oz getting the brunt of this….

  112. Meema says

    Dr.Ozz would never give out any advice without checking 100% the background of every single detail of the info he’s giving. The man simply would not jeopardize his name for a tiny tip. So, all i’m saying is: if Oz says it works, most probably it does.
    p.s- Dr. Oz is not supporting any commercial brand/product here, makes me believe him even more.

  113. Alma says

    This does work my teeth have gone whiter in one week 😀 now i can smile without being embarrassed to show my teeth 😀

  114. T.W. says

    Everyone is so worried about putting lemon juice on their teeth yet do many other bad things (ie. eating candy/sugar and drinking soda which also has acid).

  115. anonymous says

    This poor girl just wanted to post a ricipe for teeth whitening that she saw on T.V. Her entire comment section turned into a mass argument. I’m sorry. However from first hand experience i would not recommend using this mixture. I have no degrees or fancy education under my belt just personal experience from working in a hospital ER for 5 years. We had a patient come in for tooth pain and before giving this patient a referral to an oral surgeon we asked them basic questions about their oral health. The patient informed us they were using this mixture from Dr. Oz once a week for the last five months. They hgad rotted out three molars and had the biggest hole in their gum from doing this for so long. They were getting ready for an upcoming wedding. They also had significant damage to the tissue in the mouth. Your chemistry mumbo jumbo and as smart as you want to sound means nothing to first hand experience and knowledge. This mixture is not meant to be used regularly or long term. Its a oneor two time quick fix use. The teeth enamel are sensitive and rot away so easily just from breathing your mouth let alone brushing with regular toothpaste and rinseing with mouthwash I can not imagine rubbing acidic juice and baking soda on them and getting it anywhere near your gums. The soft tissue in the mouth can not handle exposure like that continually. If you decide to use this mixture only use it once or twice before a big event not regularly or you will rot your teeth and gums.

  116. Lisa says

    I’ve been brushing my teeth with plain old baking soda about once every two weeks since I was 8 years old and have always had great white teeth. I am now 50 years old and have never had a cavity. I use crest toothpaste when I’m not brushing with baking soda. I’m not saying I have no cavities because of the baking soda but obviously it didn’t hurt.

  117. cilla says

    Has it occurred to anyone that the possibility of Dr. Oz promoting this remedy may not be true. I have seen numerous health tips attributed to Dr. Oz that sound suspicious to me. He has stated on his show, not to believe everything you see that has been attributed to him.

  118. Stacy Lynch says

    Dr Oz did not recommend this. If you watch his program he always announces , he never puts anything or sells anything on the internet. This is bogus!

  119. Get a Life says

    Just trying to figure out why people care so much about other people’s teeth. If Sally decided to use this on her teeth it’s not going to effect little Johnny down the street. So people agree and some don’t. Use your best judgment. If you have tries this treatment leave your feed back so we can base our OPINIONS on real life experience not crap that people are posting to get attention. Thank you and have a nice day !

  120. Felicia Giangualano says

    Wow everyone who’s arguing about this needs a life HAHA. Don’t get so offended if everyone has their own opinion… We’re you born yesterday?

  121. Rose says

    Good gosh people, how many of you drink lemon aid. You are applying acid to your teeth every time you take a drink of lemon aid. So what is the difference?

  122. Mitchell says

    Can anyone validate the PH level change when baking soda is added to lemon juice? It would seem that this mixture has a PH level closer to water with equal parts LJ & BS?

  123. Tabi says

    The lemon will soften the enamel on your teeth then the grit of the baking soda will help brush it away….not the greatest idea and I find it hard to believe Dr Oz promotes this method

  124. ¤Çyrēnå¤ says

    Kate, do your research. Especially before trying to make someone else sound like an idiot. We buy bottle water without added fluoride and will install a reverse osmosis water filter to prevent us from obtaining fluoride through the city’s contaminated water supply because it is VERY poisonsous to the human body. Just google something first before you try to call someone out on something. =) p.s. I’ve been using baking soda & peroxide toothpaste of my own concoction for years and the only tooth issue i had was a filling the dentist botched twice times over & had to be pulled instead of paying $1000 for a crown. Go figure.

  125. Sandy says

    Okay I just had to try this because I wanted to get my teeth white for my engagement photos. Well at first I wasn’t sure about this whole idea so I tried it on one tooth on the top incisor. Well even when leaving the lemon juice and baking soda on for 30 seconds one time per week, which I did it on Sundays, that tooth is not white after 4 weeks and has gotten smaller. The lemon juice ate through the enamel. Please do not try this as this will ruin your teeth, just get the whitening strips to save your life. Yes the strips are expensive but they save you more money in the long run by not having to fix your teeth from a home remedy idea.

  126. Pegi says

    STOP ! Everyone STOP!

    First: The AMOUNT of fluoride in toothpaste is not harmful.
    Take time to educate yourself before stating inaccurate information.
    Check out percentages of numerous products containing harmful ingredients.
    Could it be…, not just one but, the combination of MANY additives that is more serious?
    Last: Tranquility feeds the soul, quietens the spirit, which makes way for harmony. xoxo to all

  127. LisaM says

    Home remedies have been around forever. They work for some people and don’t for others. If this is such a bad idea then don’t do it. Simple as that. And its rare that a doctor will ever suggest a home remedy. That’s why I love Dr Oz. I work with pharmacists and they will never say to try a home remedy before meds. Home remedies are a choice take it or leave it.
    P.s. I love home remedies and they work really well:)

  128. Waynette says

    I have been using a mixture of baking soda and coconut oil make a paste of it, dip your toothbrush into it and brush.

  129. Josie says

    Do you know what else is poison? OXYGEN. Everything is somewhat poisonous. Even the air you breath so chill out people.

  130. Mina says

    I use baking soda and strawberry jam. The jam is jus because of the taste. I brush my teeth with it every 2nd week.

  131. Whitney says

    I used lemon juice from a bottle and it worked WONDERFULLY!! My teeth look brilliant… thanks Dr. Oz!

  132. Chloooo says

    Firstly, I myself every week have been using baking soda and Lemmon juice and it has worked a treat, it makes your teeth bad if you use it to much, I’m not no dentist but if you use this method maybe 1/2 x a week and do your two daily brushes, then I can garentee that your teeth WILL become more and more white, and still healthy!!

  133. kita says

    Damn people, give it a rest!! Life is about doing things in moderation. We all know it’s so many benefactors in play, while it is basic Chemistry both with the human body – internal (that’s why each person has different results, each body produces different levels of natural produced chemicals/hormones, etc..), to external chemistry (baking soda, fluoride etc….) Either you try it or you don’t, just be smart and do it in moderation!

  134. Nobody says

    Could we all please calling each other retarded?I have family who is mentally handicapped and if you have the mental capacity to type nasty responses to well thought out comments neither of you could be a “retard”. Is it to much to ask for people to at least show a little respect for the fact that everyone has an opinion, they are entitled to that opinion, and it may not be the same as yours. I’m younger than most of the people on here and I’m shocked at the lack of respect you “adults” show each other.

  135. Amazing says

    MH, the 19 year old pre-nursing student, was correct in saying “and yall wonder why the generation below you is so awful”. Incivility is a major problem in our society – from teens to middle age. Some of these comments are shameful. We can only hope that future generations will change the direction.

  136. David says

    If lemon juice is so bad for you and you should never put baking soda in your mouth then why is it in toothpaste already… I agree with everyone who says the dentist just want to keep that cash….

  137. says

    Article Source: you know top business coaches recommend the use of Business Greeting Cards to
    build rapport and cement client relationships.
    Although when it is very a birthday card you’re acquiring for a person within your family
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    hard, particularly if you feel some resistance.

  138. Biblit says

    ROFLMAO!!! I’m over 50. Have had fluoride treatments all my life, lived on military instillations for more than half of it (military instillations ALL have fluoride in the water), brush my teeth with fluoridated toothpaste twice a day, and guess what…I haven’t been poisoned!!! LOL!! What a bunch of \henny penny’s!

    • Aniastacyia says

      Why is everybody insulting each other? It’s literally not that big of a deal. When you call someone an idiot because they said something inaccurate, just think, Leonardo da Vinci made things with mistakes all the time and yet he is still known as one the most remarkable and genius men to ever walk this planet. Quit. Some of you say you’re over fifty and yet you’re arguing with people on the internet…. you may be considerably old but you’re use of time is rather childish. A lot of opinions are being used here but none of them are relevant. We’re all equal and its unimaginable that some of these people actually care what people think. Stop insulting because it makes you look intolerant. Not cool.


  139. says

    I live in Kenya (E. Africa).
    Yes name calling shows emptiness of mind and heart. Those with sensitive teeth could try oil pulling in addition. I use baking soda without lemon. I have made a mouth cleanser from a mix of oils like coconut, Sunflower, clove and added a natural sweetener. Add pepper mint oil if you wish. Even children love it. It’s not just good for teeth but the entire body being a detox.

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