Pearly White Teeth: Natural Teeth Whitening Remedy



Teeth Whitening Remedy Ingredients:

- 1 Strawberry
– 2 tsp Baking Soda

Natural Teeth Whitening Home Remedy Instructions:

Catherine Zeta Jones was quoted for using this beauty tip (perhaps she is one of our readers!). The malic acid in the strawberries, mixed with the baking soda, becomes a mild astringent, making this simple paste excellent for teeth whitening and the removal of light stains!

1. Smash the strawberry and the baking soda with a fork.
2. Brush your teeth using this mixture.
3. Rinse your mouth and toothbrush well.
4. Brush your teeth using a regular toothpaste (to remove any seeds and fruit sugars).

Pantry Spa Tip:
Forgot to pick up strawberries? You can get the same effect with pineapple (I just prefer strawberries because they are easier to smash with a fork and make an easier paste to work with)!



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