Spicy Mama Botox: Natural Botox Remedy with Chili Peppers


Chili Pepper Botox Home RemedyNatural Botox Remedy Ingredients:

– 1 fresh spicy chili pepper

How to Do Natural Botox Home Remedy with Chili Peppers:

Want some big juicy lips the natural way? Just say no to expensive botox (which has potentially harmful long term effects), and give Pantry Spa’s Spicy Mama Botox a try!

1. Cut open the chili pepper.
2. Rub the seeds on your lips
3. Wash your hands carefully (making sure not to touch your eyes before removing the chili pepper residue… boy does it burn otherwise!)


  1. windy says

    Do not attempt this chili making your lips plumper method!!!! It was horrible! I tried it and ran around the house looking for some form of cure because my lips were burning so bad it felt like when I looked in the mirror I was going to be shocked by numerous blisters on my mouth. Praise the Lord it was not the case however, after milk, water, water and soap, sanitizer, etc. the only cure I found for the burning to be relieved was rubbing alcohol! So if you attempt this and you are in much pain and agony… don’t forget our dear friend the rubbing alcohol. Lol. Good luck!

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