Dr Oz Breast Milk Soap & Yogurt Soap: Dry Skin Remedy

Breast Milk Soap RecipeDr Oz’s Breast Milk Soap Recipe (or Yogurt Soap Recipe):

13 oz. breastmilk or yogurt (frozen/slushy)

5.25 oz. distilled water

6.25 oz. Lye (pure sodium hydroxide crystals: WARNING: can be dangerous if handled improperly)

3 oz. fragrance oil like Essential Oils (Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree) (optional

24 oz. olive oil

12 oz. lard

12 oz. Crisco (or double this and omit lard for vegan soap)

1 oz. castor oil

How to Make Dr Oz’s Breast Milk Soap


Doctor Oz’s viewer swears by this Breast Milk Soap as a Dry Skin Home Remedy or an Eczema Home Remedy. Dr Oz said this Breast Milk Soap Home Remedy works! Breast milk has lactic acid in it, which is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid that is great for exfoliating your skin. Lactoferrin is also found in breast milk, which has anti-inflammatory properties that unclogs your pores and remove your outer layer of skin. If the idea of breast milk grosses you out or if you do not have easy access to breast milk, you can use yogurt instead, because yogurt also has lactic acid and is easier to get ahold of unless someone in your family is pregnant or breast feeding!

1. In a large pot, mix together the castor oil, fragrance oils if desired and olive oil.
2. Add the lard and / or crisco (both cut into pieces) to the pot.
3. Put the distilled water in a container, such as a plastic tea pitcher.
4. Before doing this step, make sure you are wearing protective clothing to avoid burning your skin! Carefully add the lye a little bit at a time, stirring continuously until the lye dissolves.
5. Once the lye is totally dissolved, add the breast milk or yogurt mixture and stir again.
6. Your soap should turn a yellow or orange color.
7. Add the breast milk or yogurt mixture to the fragrance oil, olive oil, castor oil, lard and crisco mixture. Whisk well.
8. Use a stick blender to blend until the soap becomes a nice thick consistency.
9. Pour the mixture into molds and cover.
10. Check on the soap to be sure it is not getting too hot, separating or cracking – remove the cover if you notice this.
11. In 1-2 days you can unmold the soap, but you should let the soap sit for a few weeks before you use it.

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