Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Belize Anti-Aging Secret

Dr Oz Coconut Oil Beauty SecretDr Oz spoke about great beauty secrets from around the world with Shalini Vadhera, author of Passport to Beauty.  One topic Doctor Oz covered was an anti-aging secret used in Belize: Coconut Oil.  You can use Coconut Oil as a hair treatment, which I have done before, but I never thought about trying it on my skin.  Shalini said that Coconut Oil can soften fine lines and moisturize your skin.  In fact, in Jamaica, women use Coconut Oil to protect their skin from sun, although I personally would never lay out in the sun with just Coconut Oil on… I would put on a sunblock with a guaranteed SPF.

Dr Oz Coconut Oil Skin Remedy Ingredients:

Coconut Oil

Dr Oz Belize Beauty Secret Directions:

This Natural Home Remedy is pretty straight forward.  You just open the Coconut Oil and apply it to your skin.  I personally would like to put a thick layer on my hands, wrap them in plastic wrap, cover them in socks, and sleep like that overnight to try and treat my very dry hands.  The great thing about Coconut Oil is that it is thick and pretty solid at room temperature, unlike other oils like olive oil which are liquids at room temperature.


  1. aliyadk says

    this is so cool! I have a coconut at home… is there anything I can do with the coconut water or meat? thamk you! 🙂

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