Dr Oz: Dry Cracked Feet Home Remedy


Dr Oz gave another brilliant Home Remedy for Dry Cracked Feet.  My husband has very bad eczema, and so he sees a dermatologist quite frequently.  During one dermatologist visit, the doctor said that whenever you apply a cream or lotion to your hands or feet and you want to “turbo charge” the treatment, you should apply the lotion and then cover the skin with plastic wrap.  So I found it fascinating that Dr Oz gave basically the same advice.

Dry Cracked Heel Home RemedyDr Oz’s Cracked Heel Remedy Ingredients

– Lotion (Oil Based Moisturizer)


  1. says

    This are truly great infos and very useful tips, Thanks! One option if you need a lotion to use in conjunction with the above remedies, use Pure Pedi. Our exclusive formula of exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids AHAs will easily remove dry, cracked skin build-up and calluses from the heels and feet.

  2. Higgins11 says

    My feet were cracked and my heels were rough enough to tear nylons. I ordered Lady Soma Skin & Nail Treatment because my mom swore it can be used on feet and helped her with her cracked feet.

    3 nights ago I started applying the Skin & Nail Treatment after my shower on my feet. Its very thick which is great. Tonight being the 4th night, as I sat down to apply it, I noticed my feet were as smooth as a baby’s behind. All Calluses were gone. This is the best and I can’t thank Lady Soma enough. I will be buying more.

    If you have tried other products for your feet, you have to try this. It will work. It is also 100% guranteed to work. I have spent a small fortune on lotions and cremes and I am sure many of you have too. Give this a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. says

    i have always heard that this method works for your cracked heals and dry feet but then it was like the people who tried it didnt work for them so they were trying to turn me away from this method. Now that i know Dr. Oz recommends this then im sure to try this for the next 3 days or so!

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