Dr Oz Fanny Facial: Exfoliating Butt Scrub with Coffee Grinds

Dr Oz has talked before about what a great cellulite buster coffee grounds can be (check out the recipe for the Dr Oz Cellulite Home Remedy).  But Dr Oz’s latest Natural Home Remedy that uses coffee grounds is the Dr Oz Fanny Facial!  Instead of using unused coffee grounds for this recipe, you should brew yourself a cup of coffee first, and then use the leftover grounds.  Just make sure to not let the used coffee grinds sit for too long, because they can loose their potency.  The caffeine found in the coffee grinds helps to constrict your blood vessels, so that your skin appears tighter.  The salt helps because it works to exfoliate your skin, as well as to make your skin appear brighter.  And of course the honey and olive oil are great for moisturizing your and softening your skin.

Dr Oz Coffee Butt ScrubDr Oz Butt Scrub Ingredients:

– 2 cups Coffee Grinds

– 1/4 cup Sea Salt

– 3 TB Olive Oil

– 2 TB Honey

Dr Oz Fanny Scrub Directions:

1.  Mix together all of the ingredients (the coffee grinds, sea salt, honey and olive oil).  You will be left with a thick scrubby mixture.

2.  Go into your shower and scrub your skin with Dr Oz’s Fanny Facial.

3.  Massage your butt and thighs in circular motions.

4.  Rinse your skin well… or better yet, just take a shower.

5.  Follow up with a moisturizer to lock the moisture into your skin.

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