Dr Oz: Honey & Milk Bath Soak Recipe in Ancient Egypt


Dr Oz gave a bunch of ancient home remedies on a segment called Uncovering Buried Beauty Secrets on The Doctor Oz Show.  One of the Natural Home Remedies he mentioned was the Milk & Honey Bath Recipe that comes from Ancient Egypt.

Dr Oz Milk & Honey Bath RecipeDr Oz: Milk & Honey Bath Recipe Ingredients

– Milk

– Honey

Dr Oz: Honey & Milk Bath Directions:

1.  Dr Oz did not mention a specific amount of milk or honey to add to your bathtub full of hot water, but I would imagine that it should be at least 3 cups of milk and 1 cup of honey.  As you experiment with this home remedy, please leave a comment below to let everyone know what measurements you used and found to be good or bad!

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