12 Aspirin Remedies: Sweat Stain Remover, Dandruff Remedy & More

DIY Aspirin Remedies

Aspirin is sort of like apple cider vinegar and lemons. All three have so many purposes you write a novel’s worth of remedies on how they remove stains, stop mosquito bites and even help in getting rid of skin tags. Well the lemons don’t help with skin tags but they have lots of other purposes.

Check out 12 of the most unusual ways aspirins can be used for a variety of different remedies.

Aspirin Removes Green Hair Due to Chlorine in Pools

This is a great remedy for all those blonds out there whose hair turns green after going swimming in a pool. Just dissolve eight aspirin in hot water and rub the mixture all over your scalp and hair. After it sets for about 15 minutes rinse it out and shampoo like normal.

Treat Bee Stings with Aspirin

If you get stung by a bee, head for the medicine cabinet and grab the bottle of aspirin. Crush up some aspirin and apply it to the bee sting to stop the swelling and to reduce the pain.

Aspirin Removes Pimples

Aspirin can even get rid of pimples. Make a paste like your have for the other remedies above and then apply the paste to the pimple and wait a few minutes before rinsing it off. The pimple should be smaller and less red.

Aspirin Remedy to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

Cutting up some aspirin and dissolving it into a vase of cut flowers will make the flowers stay fresh longer.

12 Aspirin Remedies: Sweat Stain Remover, Dandruff Remedy & More

There are a lot of uses for aspirin. Check out these aspirin remedies for sweat stains, infected gardens, acne and mosquito bites.

Prevent Fungus Formation with Aspirin

Another way to treat your garden if it happens to get fungus growing around it is with aspirin. Mix one aspirin with a liter of water and squirt it around the garden.

Aspirin Removes Sweat Stains

One of the many use of an aspirin is as a sweat stain remover. Simply dissolve two aspirin in a half cup of water and apply it to the stain. After letting it stand for about an hour, wash as your normally would to get rid of the stain.

Aspirin Remedy for Acne

Another great way to use aspirin is for your acne. Mix four aspirin with the juice of one lemon into a small bowl to make a paste. Put the paste on your face, allow it to work its magic for about 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Aspirin Remedy for Mosquito Bites

Summer time means the mosquitoes are out and ready to bite. To minimize the itching from a mosquito bite, wet the skin and rub an aspirin on the bite.

Aspirin and Honey Juice Face Mask

Another great way to use aspirin is for a face mask. Mix five crushed aspirin with one cup of honey and olive oil. Spread it on your face, let it stand for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off. It may be a bit sticky and messy but your skin will appreciate it.

Aspirin Treats Dandruff

If you have dandruff, stop buying the expensive anti-dandruff shampoo. Just crush up some aspirin into your shampoo bottle and wash your hair like you normally would.

Aspirin Treats Fungal Soil Infections

If you love to garden but your garden is suffering from soil infections, grab a bottle of aspirin. Simply dissolve one tablet of aspirin in a liter of water and spray this on the plants and soil. Do not make it any stronger by adding more aspirin, because you may burn the leaves of your plants and kill them.

Remove Grass Stains with Lemon and Aspirin Mix

One of the best ways to remove grass stains from any type of clothing is with a mixture of aspirin and lemons. Simply mix one aspirin with a liter of water and a tablespoon of lemon juice and spray it right on the stain before washing.

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