Dr Oz: Mineral Oil Ear Cleaning & Ear Wax Dissolving Natural Remedy


Dr Oz Mineral Oil Ear CleanerEar Cleaning Natural Remedy Ingredients:

– Mineral Oil

Dr Oz’s Mineral Oil Ear Cleaning Instructions:

Dr Oz and my doctor both say “do not put anything in your ear larger than your fist!” Q-tips can damage your ear drums and do more harm than good; Q-tips do not clean your ears, they just push more wax further down your ear canal. So how do you clean your ears? Mineral oil of course! Mineral oil will dissolve your ear wax and bubble your ears to a new clean ear canal!

1. Tilt your head to the side, or lie down on your stomach with one ear pointing straight up in the ear.
2. Fill your ear canal with mineral oil. If someone is home, I will ask them to help me with this… if not, I will do it carefully on my own (an eyedropper comes in very handy as long as you don’t stick the eyedropper deep into your ear canal).
3. Let the mineral oil dissolve your ear wax and clean your ears for a few minutes.
4. Cover your ear with a towel before getting up or straightening your head, because some of the extra mineral oil and ear wax will come out.
5. Repeat on your other ear.

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