The Doctors TV Show: Toothache Home Remedy Alcohol: Vodka & Whiskey

The Doctors TV Show did a show called 24 Hours to Stop 24 Things. Numbers 12 and 13 were if not having sex is unhealthy and a Toothache Home Remedy using Alcohol like Vodka and Whiskey. The Drs TV Show always comes up with such interesting Natural Remedies!  Click here for the full The Doctors TV Show Recap of this segment: The Doctors TV Show: Toothache Remedy Alcohol: Vodka & Whiskey

The Doctors: No Sex is Unhealthy?

The Doctors were asked a question by a lady who was single and not having sex. She wanted to know if by not having sex she is actually hurting her health? Oh how the men out there would have loved for the answer to have been yes! Dr Lisa Masterson said that basically, not having sex is not a health problem. There are great sex benefits like it makes you feel good, releases endorphins, etc. However, you can get the same benefits on your own, you do not need a partner. So if you are single or not engaged in regular intercourse with your spouse, take care of yourself. You can even try something like this: Liv Personal Massager, which has amazing reviews.

The Doctors: Toothache Remedy with Alcohol The Doctors Toothache Home Remedy

The Doctors said that alcohol can actually relieve a toothache. All you do is pour a shot of vodka or whiskey into a Shot Glass, dip a cotton ball into the alcohol, and apply it to your tooth that is in pain. The alcohol acts like a natural local anesthetic, so just let the alcohol soaked cotton ball sit on the tooth for a few seconds. If your toothache is severe though, make sure to get it checked out by your dentist. Click here for another Toothache Remedy that uses garlic and salt, or this Tea Bag Toothache Remedy!

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