15 Hyperpigmentation Home Remedies to Lighten Skin Naturally


Hyperpigmentation Home Remedies

What is hyperpigmentation? It is a skin disorder where some ares of skin become patchy or discolored, while other areas look normal. The disorder happens because of a excessive amount of melanin being produced by the body and it can be triggered by a number of factors, like sun exposure and certain types of ailments.

Luckily for anyone with hyperpigmentation, there are many natural home remedies to reduce the effects.

Milk and Honey for Hyperpigmentation

You can apply a paste of milk and honey to the affected areas and it has been shown to effectively reduce the look of the hyperpigmentation.

Vegetable Juice for Lightens Skin Pigmentation

You can take the juice of certain vegetables, like cucumbers, potatoes and tomatoes, and apply it to the skin. This will effectively lighten the skin and can be done every day if desired.

Vitamin E Lightens Skin Pigmentation

Consuming Vitamin E can help you attain great skin but it won’t work wonders for someone with hyperpigmentation. You will need to take a Vitamin E supplement, as well as rub Vitamin E on the affected areas.

Avocados Work for Hyperpigmentation

Avocados are filled with Vitamin E, so mashing one up and placing it on the affected areas will work great at reducing the skin pigmentation.

Almonds Offer Clearer Lighter Skin

Almonds are also a great source of Vitamin E. The best way to use them is to soak them in milk overnight and then mash the almonds in the milk to make a paste. Simply apple to it to your face for a few minutes a day to lighten your skin.

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