DIY Hard Water Shower Softener For Under $5


Water Softener Home RemedyDIY Hard Water Softener Materials:

– Water Softener Pellets
– Mesh Bag (the kind that groceries sell bags of oranges and other fruits in)
– Rubber band

How to Make a Hard Water Shower Softener:

Hard water causes psoriasis and eczema to flair up… as well as being very hard on your hair and skin in general. You will be amazed how much softer and healthier your hair and skin will be after you stop showering in hard water!

1. Place 3 cups of the pellets into the mesh bag
2. Position the mesh bag over your shower head.
3. Wrap a rubber band around the mesh bag and the shower head, making sure that the bag is held tightly under the shower head.
4. Test by turning on water. The water should go through the bag full of water softening pellets.


  1. David says

    hm… i don’t think this would really work. the salt pellets may filter it a bit but the whole point of the pellets in a real water softener is to recharge the zeolite pellets when they become negativly charged.

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