Dr Oz Wart Remover: Duct Tape Wart Remedy


Dr Oz Duct Tape Wart TreatmentWart Remedy Ingredients:

Pumice Stone

Duct Tape

Dr Oz’s Duct Tape Wart Remover Instructions:

Leave it to Dr. Oz to come up with the most amazing tip for getting rid of pesky warts on your skin… and best of all, you just need Pumice Stone and Duct Tape for this wart remover!

1. File down your warts with Pumice Stone … if your wart is not hard and callused, you can skip this step.


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    I am not very sure how the duct tape method is going to work but one of my friends had skin tags on his chest where he has a lot of hair I am sure he needs to shave the hair around the skin tag to ensure the duct tape does not hurt.

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