Martha Stewart Bowl of Salt Burn Home Remedy


Bowl of Salt Burn RemedyBurn Home Remedy:

– Bowl of Salt

Martha Stewart’s Burn Remedy Instructions:

When I was younger, whenever anyone would burn their skin in the kitchen, my mother would run to an aloe plant and snap off a piece of aloe to rub the gooey aloe on our burn. However, Martha Stewart swears by using a bowl of salt as a home remedy to cure a burn. Martha said that the Japanese have been using this home remedy forever and that the big bowl of salt instantly takes away the heat. So the next time you get a burn try this home remedy:

1. Keep a large glass bowl full of salt in your kitchen.
2. As soon as you get a burn (on your hand for example), stick your hand into the bowl.
3. Make sure to completely cover the area that is burned in the salt.
4. Your burn will heal faster and will feel better almost instantly!


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