Sunburn Be Gone: Sunburn Home Remedy: Potatoes & Cucumber


Cucumber Sunburn Home RemedySunburn Home Remedy Ingredients:

- 1 White Potato
– 1 Cucumber (preferably cold from being in a fridge)

Sunburn Remedy Instructions:

Sat in the sun for too long? Forgot to re-apply your sunblock? Now you are red and in too much pain to move? Sounds familiar… this tip will cool down your skin and bring you much relief… and next time, don’t forget to douse yourself in sunblock!

1. Peel the potato and the cucumber with a vegetable peeler.
2. Grate the potato.
3. Slice the cucumber into thin coins.
4. Cover your body with the thin slices of cucumber.
5. After the cucumbers are no longer cool, remove them.
6. Cover your body with the grated potato to continue easing the pain.

Pantry Spa Tip:
Do you only have cucumber or only have a white potato? You can do just one or the other… but both is the ultimate double whammy! Also, if you don’t have a vegetable peeler, it won’t do any harm to leave the skins on.



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