Homemade Yellow Food Color Dye: Natural Easter Egg Dye


Natural Yellow Food Dye RecipeNatural Yellow Easter Egg Dye Ingredients:

– 3-4 cups of yellow or brown onion skins (you can substitute 2-3 TB ground turmeric or chamomile tea)
– 1 TB white vinegar
– 3 cups water

Natural Easter Egg Dye Recipe:

Why use chemicals to dye Easter eggs, when you can make all natural, homemade, organic food dye yourself? This recipe produces a gorgeous yellow Easter egg dye that is totally safe, so that you can actually eat the eggs afterwards without a worry.

1. Mix together the water, white vinegar and either onion skins, chamomile tea or ground turmeric.
2. Let it sit until you reach the shade of yellow that you desire.
3. You can either strain out the onion skins or chamomile tea at this point (the turmeric will dissolve), or you can dye your Easter eggs in the solution without straining it first.

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