Mold Killer Remedy with Tea Tree Oil: Natural Home Remedies

Tea Tree Oil Kills MoldMold Home Remedy Ingredients:

– 3 cups Water
– 3 tsp Tea Tree Oil (My Favorite Tea Tree Oil!!!)

There are now commercial products making use of this special property of tea tree oil, check it out:

How to Kill Mold with Tea Tree Oil:

I love my long showers and baths, but hate when mold starts to form in my bathroom. I don’t like to use lots of chemicals in my bathtub since it touches my bare skin, so I was thrilled when I discovered this little tip!

1. Mix the tea tree oil and water together in a spray bottle.
2. Spray the moldy area.
3. Scrub with a brush (an old toothbrush always works wonders).
4. Don’t rinse, as the tea tree oil will continue working to be sure the mold doesn’t come back.

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