Homemade Mattress Cleaning Solution: Urine Mattress Cleaner


How to Clean Pee Off of a MattressHomemade Mattress Cleaning Solution Ingredients:

– White Vinegar

How to Clean Urine Off of a Mattress:

Babies, kids and even some adults have accidents in bed sometimes. This home remedy removes urine stains and the pee pee smell from the mattress. I was so happy when I found this tip for one of my friends (whose child is always wetting his bed)… though in her case, since her kid wets the bed fairly regularly, I also recommended getting a plastic mattress cover.

1. Scrub the urine stains with a cloth that is lightly dampened with white vinegar.
2. Work from the outside to the inside, scrubbing as you go.
3. Repeat as needed, but don’t make the mattress too wet, as this is no good for any mattress.

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