KonMari Method for Organization: Declutter Your Life with the Joy Test


It can be intimidating to think about organizing your whole home. But a great place to start is with your clothing. After that, tackle books, papers, and random stuff like old keys and electronics chargers. Sorting by category can help you break down the project into smaller tasks.

Depending on how much stuff you have, this could be a long-term project taking up to six months. You might be donating, recycling, or trashing dozens of bags before it’s all over. (But just think about how much less stuff you’ll have to move next time.)

Good Morning America: Physically Touch Everything You Own

A California woman who met with Kondo said she has shifted into new habits and buying less. She believes it has changed her life. “It’s a huge relief, almost,” Susie Shoaf said. “The things that are left are the things I love. I definitely feel lighter.”


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