Gemstone Cleaner Remedy & Fingerprint Remover Remedy


Gemstone Shining Home RemedyGemstone Cleaner Remedy Ingredients:

– Dish Detergent

Gemstone Cleaner Home Remedy Instructions:

Sapphires, rubies, citrines, garnets, iolites, amethysts, diamonds… gemstones are gorgeous! This tip will remove dust and fingerprints from your gemstones in a few simple steps. Do not try this on any porous or more delicate gemstones like pearls, emerald, lapis, turquoise… for pearls, try this instead: Pearl Luster Moisturizer and Cleaner Home Remedy

1. Fill a small bowl with warm water.
2. Add a few drops of dish detergents.
3. Put the jewelry into the bowl and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.
4. Scrub the jewelry with a soft bristled brush (like a soft toothbrush).
5. Rinse with clean water.
6. Dry with a soft cloth.

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