Homemade Diamond Cleaner: Clean Diamonds with Ammonia


Clean Diamonds with Ammonia & WaterHomemade Diamond Cleaner Recipe:

– 6 TB Water
– 1 TB Ammonia

Diamond Cleaner Remedy Instructions:

I was browsing through Tiffany & Co. the other day (dreaming really!) when I overheard the sales clerk giving a wonderful home remedy tip! Of course my ear’s perked up and I waited patiently to ask her for permission to post this idea. As soon as I got home, I mixed this potion up, plunked my ring in, and a little while later I had a diamond ring that glistened and glittered like it was brand new. You must try this.

1. Mix together the water and ammonia.
2. Put the mixture into a small container (I used an empty prescription medicine bottle, which worked perfectly).
3. Put the ring into the container.
4. Let the ring sit for at least 15 minutes (I have even tried it overnight!)
5. Remove the ring and brush with a soft brush (like a soft old toothbrush that has been sterilized in the dishwasher).

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