Pearl Remedy: How to Moisturize & Clean Pearls At Home


How to Clean Pearls with Mineral OilPearl Home Remedy Ingredients:

– Mineral Oil (Or Baby Oil)
– Soft Cloth

How to Clean Pearls at Home:

I am a June baby, so naturally I have a passion for pearls. I have asked several jewelers how to maintain that gorgeous luster that pearls have, and all of them tell me that the more you wear pearls, the more beautiful they get (from the oils of your skin rubbing against the pearls). I have also been told many times to moisturize the pearls using this technique:

1. Wipe the pearls with a damp (not soaking wet!) cloth.
2. Use a cotton ball or swab to apply mineral oil (or baby oil) to the pearls.
3. Let the mineral oil sit for at least 15 minutes (you could even let it soak in overnight).
4. Wipe the pearls with a dry clean soft cloth to remove any excess.

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