DIY Dishwasher Tablet Recipe (Finish Powerball Copycat!) Under 3 Cents!


There are two simple way to make your own dishwasher tablets or powder. First, the simple recipe. The second recipe is a lot more involved, but both will get your dishes clean without the chemicals or the price.

Cheap Homemade Dishwasher Powder Recipe

This is a simple recipe that you can keep on hand with just two ingredients.

Simple Dishwasher Powder Recipe Ingredients

Cheap Homemade Dishwasher Powder Recipe Directions

  1. Keep the citric acid and super washing soda separate or else they will clump like crazy.
  2. Take a teaspoon of citric acid and four teaspoons of super washing soda and put them in your washing soap compartment.
  3. Use vinegar for your rinse cycle liquid.

DIY Dishwasher Tablets (Finish Powerball Recipe)

DIY Dishwasher Tablets Recipe Ingredients

  • 2 gallon bucket 
  • measuring cup
  • spoon
  • large glass mixing bowl
  • tablespoon
  • 3 cube plastic ice cube trays
  • 54-55 ounce box of washing soda/detergent booster
  • 76 ounce box of Borax
  • 2 pound carton of Epsom salts
  • bottle reconstituted lemon juice

Dishwasher Tablets Finish Powerball Recipe Directions

  1. In your bucket, mix the box of washing soda, borax and epsom salts. Measure about 2 1/2 cups of the mix into your bowl and add lemon juice, a tablespoon at a time until it clumps.
  2. Fizzing is normal; just put on a pair of rubber gloves and fill ice cube molds loosely. Press the damp mixture until it is level in each mold.
  3. To dry, put them in the back seat of your car in the direct sun. You can also just put them in a window in your home. It could take several days for them to dry, but don’t put them in the oven or microwave. They are ready to be tapped out when they pull away from the sides of the molds.
  4. If some of your molds crumble, you can use it as a scrubbing powder and abrasive cleaner. Just mix with water and let the detergent dissolve a little on the surface you are cleaning.


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