Baseball Cap Laundry Hack + Essential Oil Baking Soda for Sneakers


Katie Brown of Yahoo Makers joined GMA to explain how you can make wardrobe staples last. To keep your favorite T-shirt clean, use Baby Shampoo. Apply this to any stains, gently rubbing the material together. The mildness of the soap will be less harsh on the fibers of your shirt.

Washing machines can warp or shrink shirts, so try soaking this in a tub or bowl for four to five hours. After the soak, resist the urge to wring out your shirt, which can mess up the fabric and fit. Instead, lay the shirt out between two towels. Then roll the towels up to press out the water. Unroll and let it dry before putting the clean shirt away.

Good Morning America: Baseball Cap Cleaning Hack

To keep a favorite hat clean, Brown suggested grabbing a deep Tupperware container with a lid. Add liquid detergent and water to the container. Then submerge the hat and place the lid on top. Shake it up and let it soak for awhile.


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