Lush Cosmetics Review

Lush Cosmetics are fresh, organic beauty products that are not tested on animals. The products are made fresh and hand packed using little or no preservatives. They use truly organic products from farmers and harvesters who work to bring the best product to the company.

Lush is a company that believes in the ethics of good business and treating animals and humans with the same respect. Plus they make some amazing products.

Lush Shimmy Shimmer Lotion Bar Recipe

One of the most sought after products in the Lush line is the Gold Shimmy Shimmer Lotion Bars. While Lush products can cost a little much sometimes, they are all organic which means you can buy all the ingredients you need to make their products. The recipe below will give you nearly the same product you can buy from the store without spending as much money.

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  1. Damara says

    Hi! Thanks for posting this receipe – I am excited to try it! Can you tell me how many bars of soap the recipe makes?

    Thanks again!

      • Bridget says

        I’ve found them in near cupcake, chocolate craft/coloring and sprinkle section at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or at specialty baking shops. And you know if they are food safe they are safe for topical use!

  2. Kelli says (a soap supply website) has all different colors of mica, and also cosmetic-safe glitter. They also sell beeswax pastilles and the oils called for in the recipe.

  3. crystal spurlock says

    Select the \next page\ button option. The recipe is located on the next page, not \see recipe below\, as introduction states.

  4. Sandie says

    Mine turned out harder than I expected, and the glitter settled to the bottom. What did I do wrong? I FOLLOwed the recipe exactly!

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